03. November 2015    

When there is not enough snow for touring, the Rock & Ice is one of the best prep-session to get ready for a save season.

The focus is strongly sharpened on walking with crampons as well as rope- and safety techniques.

We start relaxed in the day, having coffee and learning the basics of mountaineering knots. When the group is ready with the first session we go up to the mountain to get used to the equipment and put the learned into practice.

Rock & Ice Theorie

On top of the Stubaier Gletscher we learn the basics of crevasse rescue to get ready for a complete day out in the mountains and deep inside (down to 40 meters / October 2015) the glacier.

Now it is time. Just a few meters beside the slopes you can`t see the crevasses and they exist at almost every glacier resort.  Also in winter there is danger and a fall into one of those "glacier-jaws" can cause a quick finish of an excellent touring day.

If you know where the danger zones are based and how to get out your mountain-buddy in case of a fall, you will be much safer out there, splitboarding more relaxed.

I don`t want to talk to much about it, just check out the galery.

Rock & Ice 2

I can strongly recomment to do the Rock & Ice Camp, it will be individualized regarding your level and the learning is amazing. Also you get deep insights of something you normally see in the case of an accident or on pictures.

For me the Rock & Ice will be an obligatory Event to start the season.

Thanks for the incredible time!

For further info and dates check out www.freeride.center