26. January 2017    

The new Splitboard Gear for Season 17/18. We have reviewed everything and would like to give you a first overview of the most important products.

We've been out again hunting news for you, namely at the Shops First Try at the beautiful ski jewel Alpbachtal in Tyrol. From 22. till 24. January, the Alpbachtal became the meeting point of the whole brand and dealer scene. Also selected magazines were invited for a first try and we feel honored to belong to this circle, thank you.

Now to the facts ... what's new, what is optimized and further developed and what else is interesting, apart from splitboards, boots and bindings?

Once again we put the splitboard gear under the microscope and tested it on short demanding ascents (wind worked crusty and powdery) and at the descent in different conditions. The first impression tests of the individual products and the presentation videos follow below. Regarding the weight indications there may be variations in production.

What's new and hot?

  • Amplid: Millisurf Split
  • Capita: Neo Slasher Split
  • Jones: Dream Catcher (for the girls, unfortunately not tested)
  • Rossignol: Diva (for girls, unfortunately not tested, but looks and feels great ;-))
  • Union: Expedition Binding and Expedition FC (Fordged Carbon) Binding
  • Northwave: Domain CR Boot
  • Deeluxe: XV Boot, completely renewed


What's new?

  • Burton: Dump Truck Split, Flight Attendant Split, Anti Social (Design)
  • Arbor: Bryan Iguchi Pro, Swoon, Coda (new designs)
  • Good Boards: Carbon Legend
  • Rossignol: Sushi


What's optimized?

  • Jones, all high end boards get Karakoram Ultra Clips


NEW and HOT:

Amplid Milisurf:

With this board, the best of the worlds of the Morning Split and the Milligram Split were combined. The result is an ultralight, 2680g at 161cm, very easy to ride splitboard which is already fun on the first meters. Strapped on and started on the slope, weight to the edges, more weight on the edges, quick edge change, drift, build up speed and full pressure in the turn and boom, the edge holds better than the Morning, the maneuverability is almost identical and the vitality with which it can be accelerated out of the curve.. the corners of the mouth are raised, and even the teeth can not be hidden in the smile. The vibrations are slightly stronger than the Morning Split and Milligram, but they are well within the frame. The nose is a bit narrower and has a 3D profile to achieve the same uplift. At about 50 cm bottomless powder, the millisurf stayed nice, the slightly softer nose is noticeable very positive and one comes in a brilliant "snow-surfing feeling". Even with the few snow, there was no ground contact. OK, slope and powder. How does it work at plowed, over-frozen snow with such a light weight board with big nose? And let's go, now is time for shredding. This board does not plow through like its heavier colleagues but surfs over it. Quickly you gain speed and maintain control.

Ascent: As well as the Milligram, the Millisurf pulls forward cleanly, the nose stays up and the center of gravity of the board halves is chosen that kickturns work smoothly from the leg and the board halves come up nicely. Compared to the Morning, it is significantly better and stable uphill, consequentialy, the nose is considerably narrower and the camber slightly longer. Compared to the Milligram you have to make a small compromise.

What to say? It was love for the first ride !!! Congrats to Amplid! With the high-tech models Milligram and Millisurf, they cover all the requirements of the sophisticated splitboarder who has the necessary small money.


Capita Neo Slasher:

Same game, only we were a bit more skeptical at Capita because they are known to come more from the freestyle section. Up to the mountain, board to your feet and let's go. Pressure, more pressure, even more pressure, a bit of relief and wupp, away it was. This phenomenon can be repeated as desired and incorporated into someones riding style. If you keep the pressure on, the edge holds correspondingly. Also the Neo Slasher is fun already from the first few meters on, no familiarization phase, but go right and go. A 180, a few meters switch, hop and on in riding direction. Playful and stable at the same time, we are thrilled by the Neo Slasher, too. A good first litter that Capita has laid down. With an average weight of about 3500g and with a length of 162cm, it plows through hardpack and also the vibrations of the nose are low. In the same bottomless powder, there was a ground contact, but for its classic shape, the Neo Slasher also floats beautifully on the surface.

Ascent: With the classic camber profile and a discreet rocker-nose, it behaves uphill as it is for a splitboard. The center of gravity is well chosen and the kickturns are easy to accomplish.

We are positively surprised and very pleased that Capita comes up to the market with a very environmentally-conscious produced, and performace-strong splitboard.


Rossignol Diva:


Union Expedition und Expedition FC:

Now we come to the maybe most interesting product on the Splitboard market. The Union Expedition has the potential to dial in lots of snowboarders into splitboarding. In the set you get everything you need to ride and hike a splitboard and enjoy your snowboard as well. So you get one binding for all. 

The riding performance of the Expedition Splitboard binding is equal to the riding performance of a Union Snowboardbinding, very good. With a good dampening the impact of rough terrain is very much reduced. Your boot is well fixed and the power transmission is the same like at a usual snowboard binding.

Regarding the ascent you notice the more flexible material if you compare it to a classic splitboard binding, so the power transmission is a bit less. The stable attachment of the pin transfers the power well to the edges and most of the customers will enjoy this binding.

A Pin System? Yes, that is what we also thought, because actually the pin had been died already a few years ago. Anyway, if you take your time to mount the binding properly, the handling is good. The design of the touring bracket is excellent. You just put the binding on until it stops. Than the position is perfect to smoothly slide in the pin. Than you turn it in direction of the baseplate and it is well secured. Regarding the changeover the handling is equal to the Splitsticks binding which was the base of development.

The Expedition FC is the carbon model, this binding is a bit stiffer and so you get better power transmission. Tha handling is the same.

Regarding the weight the Expedition is aroun 850g and the Expedition FC with carbon highback at around 750g (on the "weight-picture" there is mounted a usual plasic highback).


Northwave Domain CR Boot:

The Northwave Domain is known as a Freerideboot. The Domain CR has attachment possibilities for full automatic crampons. This makes the sole a bit longer, approx. 5 mm more than other splitboard specific boots. The boot by itself is very comfortable and warm. Compared to the Deeluxe models it is very soft. Regarding flex you can put it on a level with the Burton Tourist Boot. The lacing system works flawless and heel hold feels good. The sole is a solid climbing boot sole and promises good grip.


New and interesting:

Burton Dump Truck Split:

Apart from the Antisocial, Burton has newly developed the complete Splitboard line.
We have tried the new Dump Truck, but so far only on a rock-solid, worn down slope and in badly plowed variant terrain. The "Dump truck", as Germans we had to check the dictionary first so be sure about the meaning, and it seems to mean a kind of heavy goods vehicle and not what urban dictionary says.. so under these snow conditions, the Dump Truck kept its trace safe and solid and should keep its style in more pleasant snow, too. The camber looks stronger pronounced, without having measured it, but you can feel it very positively if it get's important and that's also an advantage in the ascent. As the name suggests, the Truck from Vermont is not a light weight, but a robust working tool.


Burton Flight Attendant

The Burton Flight Attendant is a classic S-Rocker Split and so is the performance. A bit softer and lighter than the Dump Truck it finds it's way through tracked areas without getting nervous. In Powder the nose keeps up and it is quite quirly. On hard slopes the Flight Attendant Split performs like a normal Burton S-Rocker board. The balance is quite good, the kickturns come easily even when it is packed with snow on the topsheet.


Goodboards Carbon Legends Splitboard:

A new version of the Legend in untypical rough black Tech fiber optics, with regard to the rapid formation of a persistent ice and snow crest this is not quite optimal. Otherwise, the Legends has significantly improved in temprament and has a more agile feel without being nervous in any way. In the preview, we had a pre-version of the board, so we will have to see again later if there was still room for some weight loss.


Rossignol Sushi Split:

Unfortunately we were not able to test Rossignols new Sushi under optimal conditions, because this splitboard with it's fish shape and the extremly wide nose is made for deep snow and easy ascents. Nonetheless we can tell you, it's fun on piste and at the slope edge, too. The Sushi is super agile and you can use the slope margins as a "mini wave". Edge hold is suprisingly good. The quiver combination of XV Magtek Split and Sushi Split can be very interesting and would cover all possible conditions. The retail price of approx. 500€ is attractive, too.


Deeluxe XV:

The Deeluxe XV has been reworked completly and now comes with a double Boa to enhance the heel grip even more. The snow cover got replaced with an outer butt strap. Still the Deeluxe XV is super comfortable and also the board feel was maintained due to the flat sole profile. In this context the sole length was shortened again by 0,5cm.


Apart from that we would like to congratulate the organizers of the shop First Try. Meanwhile this event has developed into a real snowboarding fair. The nice thing about this fair is, however, that you can try out the material at the same time. In addition, workshops, training sessions and discussion sessions also offered a great deal for the industry.

We are delighted having beeing present exclusively as specialized press for splitboard sports.


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    It is a pity...
    There are so many local brands, way better than the big ones, untested and unfortunatly not represented on this kind of events...
    I mean, handmade, with love, local circuit, less energy, greener, stronger, shaped for you, lighter and more efficient.
    Then not a word for hardboot????
    Yeah, money is money, the BIG knows witch public is the target...
    I apology for my english, it is not the best, but at least, we can communicate!

    If one day, who knows, you would like to look further, it would be a pleasur for me to show you another vision of splitboarding, closer to the montain, to steepness, far from the crowds, and introduce you people who has talent to built and reinvent or gear!!