15. May 2013    

Testing the Burton Landlord split in steep terrain. Good fun and nice surroundings. Check out the First Impression.

Last week we were back in action for you. This time we tested the Burton Landlord Split. Of course we would like to give you the First Impression.

Gletscherface seen from a Splitboard at Pitztal

At Pitztal we wanted to climb the Wildspitze, nothing special but beautiful. As some of you probably know, it is the highest mountain in Tyrol and one of the most climbed ones. We then made the decision to climb one of it`s, also quite high, neighbors. Said and done, we went through the glacier until we arrived at the foot of our destination. There is nothing negative to report about the Landlordt. Good tracktion on the ascent, well balanced and also the edge holds well, thanks to the Burton S-rocker shape. The Flex is compared to the Freebird much harder, which has a positive effect in rough conditions and for heavier riders.

Ascent at Pitztal on the way with the splitboard

So now once more to the ascend. We unbuckled the Burton Landlord, reassembled in a jiffy and attached it to the backpack. Now we are already equipped with the crampons to climb the steep wall about 50 °. Step by step it goes up until we reach the top.

Ascent with crampons at Pitztal splitboard tour

The weather was not great at the summit the clouds were already touching our noses. So we briefly enjoy the view and get prepared for the descent.

Burton Landlord on my Back, Steep Splitboarding

Phew, steeper than expected and with a board that I never had under my feet. The conditions were not optimal. 3cm firn, then a layer of crud, then about 30 cm soft snow well packed. As you know an icewall also contains some ice under the surface. So far so good, I suddenly had this surf wisdom in mind: "Never ride an unknown wave with a new board". Translated to the splitboarding, I was in pretty steep terrain and had no idea whether my heels will touch the wall at the backside turn and I will loose the grip of the edge. Look at the line that can happen if you suddenly change your plans in the mountains and climb some walls you haven`t done before. Better to stay safe and check your new board in moderate terrain. So after about 100 meters I made the back-side turn, ... yep the Landlord keeps stable and I can still enjoy the descent.

For Alex, the whole thing was a little smoother, since he had ridden it several times, enjoying the run every time more.

Conclusion: The Burton Landlord Split 159 (designed by Terje Haakonsen) is well on the ascent, stable on the edge and even in rough conditions you can rely on it. We love splitboarding.

An unbeautiful line splitboarding in Pitztal

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