29. December 2015      

Though or because so far hardly snow has fallen, on 23 December Davide Capozzi and his friends succeeded in a great line at the Eiger west face.

In Davides brief message this reads as follows:

On December 23rd, I rode the west face of Eiger with my friends Luca Rolli, Julien "Pica" Herry and Denis Trento.

Davide Capozzi

a project that started five years earlier:

I saw this face and made the first attempt in 2010 with Luca, Laurent Duprè, Lionel Hachemy, and Hervè Sanglard, but conditions were not ok.


and now could be completed the day before Christmas.

A few days ago our friend Manu Gross climbed and skied this super nice line: it's something absolutely strange to have the face covered by a thin layer of snow in december! It was a super opportunity and with Luca Rolli, Denis Trento, and Juien Herry we left the Mont Blanc very early in the morning towards Grindelwald...

Luca Rolli - Eiger Westface

Luca Rolli - Eiger Westface

Luca Rolli - Eiger Westface

Happy New Year to all!


Davide Capozzi

Congratulations to your success and thanks to Davide and Luca Rolli and friends for the great pictures.

To all of you too, a Happy New Year and all the best!

other descents of Davide Capozzi?