25. June 2013    

The SWAY started with the desire for a splitboard which offers the best performance even in the roughest mountain conditions.

The SWAY started with the desire for a splitboard which offers the best performance even in the roughest mountain conditions.

The result could not have been any better. What began as a crazy idea three years ago (2010), is now a functional, robust, reliable and lightweight mountain tool with which you can have unlimited fun in all snow conditions and on any terrain. Besides, the guys from Splitsticks have cleared the ISPO Brandnew Award 2013.

Splitboard Splitsticks Foto Mix1

Interface and binding: "The Sway - the Splitsticks Way"

The Splitsticks Way is a completely new system in splitboarding in which all components fit perfectly together. The boards are made for touring, so up and down, up and down, up and down and repeat!

The sleek and streamlined SplitDiskSystem gives the board more torsional stifness both in the descent, and stronger edge grip and better edge control on the ascent. Apart from this, the "Easy To Use Killer Crampons" are included in the set.

Stances and angles are easy to adjust, the binding can be adjusted in lenght and width, providing the perfect fit for your boot.

Since the binding is really cool to ride and the quality unbelievable, why not shred it on the normal (2x4 hole pattern) board? Just screw the adapter plate on it and there you go.

Switching the binding from one board to another you don`t even have to readjust the stance and angle of your binding, its already done,  mounting the adapter plate. Rock `n Roll!

The durability:

All interface parts are manufactured in Germany, this is the only way that can guarantee highest quality and best service. Apart from this, only the strongest and lightest material is good enough. You want to know why? "It is simple cause we want our stuff to still look good after a couple of tenthousand meters of vertical up and down", so the Splitsticks crew.

This all results in a long product lifespan and wear-off parts are easy to replace and easy to get.

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The Shreds:

What did split do to his sticks? No black magic, but they have built splitboards for the Alps that work in all situations and conditions.

During the construction of the boards splitsticks has followed some simple rules:

  • The boards are on the stiffer side. You need it for the ascent!
  • All boards have a camber between the feet. You need it for the ascent and the descent!
  • The bases are super tough, as the mountains in the Alps is rocky.
  • The snow conditions can vary a lot in the Alps. From powder over crust, windpressed stuff, ice and slush you can have everything in one descent. A splitboard must perform excellent in all conditions and all terrain.

Thats why the splitsticks boards are built the way they are!

At season 13-14 there will be a strictly limited edition of this high-performance splitboards available. All splitsticks are developed in Innsbruck / Austria and produced in Germany, so highest quality and best service can be guaranteed.

For more information contact Splitsticks directly on www.splitsticks.com, pre-orders will be accepted from now.

Here you get the design of the 13/14 Splitsticks Slasher and Slasher SX

Splitboard Splitsticks Slasher 13-14

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