31. May 2016    

We have tested two great helmets, Gams and Speedgams made by Casco.

Testing helmets, well luckily we just had impact of smaller ice pieces and stones while climbing steep chutes, but both helmets got out without damages. Nevertheless helmets are pretty important for touring or climbing because you can get into rockfall, ice strike yu can fall into crevasses or just hit a hidden rock while riding.

Regarding the comfort both helmets, the Gams and Speedgams are superior to usual ski or snowboard helmets because of their shape. When you are looking up to your climbing body or a steep snow wall you want to climb these helmets just fit at the correct position and doesn`t come down to your forehead. They are exellently air conditioned so you can keep cool while ascending or while beeing in challenging situation even at heavy sunshine. Both helmets are relatively light weight, the Speedgams is noticeable lighter even if it equipped with the integrated flip up speed mask. The Speedgams is perfect for the climb because you hardly feel it. The Gams has the RECCO rescue system integrated so you can be easily found when in trouble.

The Gams is the helmet for almost everything! Certified for 4 sports it is your mountain helmet, your ski helmet, your kayak helmet or your bike helmet. It is perfect for everybody who wants one helmet for all hie activities.

casco gams tripple

Featuers Gams:

The Speedgams is certified for mountain sports and comes with excellent features. The flip up mask is something you should like but it is amazing for people who wear binoculars. if you don`t like it you can take it of. I would take the coloured flip up mask instead of the orange one.

Casco Speedgams Tripple

Features Speedgams:

We can recommend both helmets and use them ourselves because we are convinced by comfort and quality! Also we want to mention that they are produced in Europe.