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Discover some of the splitboard hiking trails in the Romanian Carpathian mountains together with specialized mountain guides. Having peaks with altitudes over 2500 m, these mountains will give you complete satisfaction. From the steepest valleys to the deepest forests, the Carpathians offer a full range of landscapes even to the most skeptical rider. Join the winter session from 19th to 25th of February 2017.

We are happy to present you another great splitboard travel opportunity off the beaten track: The Carpathian Splitboard Experience with shredmind.com

Two years ago we convinced ourself and catched a first glimpse of these lonley Romanian mountains rising up behind the two lifely and friendly Transsylvanian towns of Brasov (Kronstadt) and Sibiu (Hermannstadt). Well, we don't want to give away too much secrets beforehand, except that we had a great time splitboarding there with lovely like-minded people which we have put in our hearts. Let's see what shredmind.com has prepared for you:

Winter Session 19-25. February 2017 (7 days/6nights)*
*Tour customizable at any time. Special offers for teams, groups, associations and easy riding riders travel partners. Please contact shredmind.com for further information.

Your Guide

“Splitboarding and endure biking are part of me, they define who I am. For me, they are more than just a way to escape crowded and overused resorts. They are a way to push limits and get out of the comfort zone, a way to explore and to discover. That perfect mix of silence and grandeur that only a mountain can offer, the freedom to climb on your own, to define your route and follow it, the power to use your body strength to move forward and to enjoy downhill rides and fresh turns, no matter what season is out there – this is what defines me and what I want to share. The path is the same, only the texture is different.”

Mountain Guide & ISIA Snowboard Instructor

Technical & activity level:
Access to most of the trails is by splitboard and we recommend you to be in good physical shape. On some of the trails ice climbing crampons and ice axes may be required.  

Your entire splitboard equipment. The avalanche equipment is mandatory (probe, shovel and transceiver) and a helmet. We recommend an airbag backpack.

Suggested itinerary

Day 0 Arrival

On day 0 we get to know each other. Our team will wait for you at the airport and bring you to Brasov. Here you can choose, if you want to visit the city or just chill in your room. But for sure we need to decide together the itineraries of the next days, so after lunch, time for a brief briefing!

After a tiring travel day you deserve a long night of rest to be prepared for a fresh morning full of powder.

Day 1 Piatra Mare

After we check the weather forecast, we start our trip towards prahova valley to get on the Piatra Mare plateau, which is situated at an altitude of 1800m. We will reach the plateau by our human powers. We put our splitboards on and start the walk to Piatra Mare chalet. There will be our first stop. We take our lunch, and then after more 45 minutes of ascent we reach the starting point for our first ride. Depending of the general condition of the group we can do 2 descents.

Day 2 Ciucas

Ciucaș is the mountain where you will always find good snow and safe places with no risk of avalanche. The climbs are smooth and in a good day you can make up to 4-5 descents. The highest peak is at an elevation of 1.954m and from the main ridge you can choose between south sided, but also north sided faces. This is a great advantage on stormy days because you can choose the less windy side.

Day 3 Balea Freeride Arena

Fagaras Mountains - We change the mountain but keep the snow. During 70% of the time in the cold season, Balea snow stays fresh so we take our chances. We get from the Balea Waterfall to Balea Lake by cabelcar. The options are endless, so we suggest multiple ascents up to 2.400 m altitude and downhills (descents) in Balea Valley or Doamnei Valley. We'll have lunch at Paltin Cabin followed by the last downhill to Balea Waterfall.

Day 4 Balea Freeride Arena

If the snow is in good condition, Balea is a good option also for the following day. As we said, the riding options are countless, so the 2nd day, already warmed up after the 1st, we suggest a ride in which endurance and adrenalin go hand in hand. Going up, either on the splitboard either in the snowshoes, the ascent to the ridge will make you gladly look forward to the downhill. The landscape covers all the way from Fagaras Mountains to Bucegi Mountains and Piatra Craiului. The ridge will make you feel like you're on top of the world and we assure you the downhill is plentiful.

Day 5 Balea Freeride Arena

We like it – we ride it – again.

We chose the south face, we pray for good conditions and the sun will be our friend. The view is awesome, Fagaras mountains full of snow are something special. Similar with last days, depending how you feel, we can take one or more rides. That area is more wild, we should take a lot of tea and chocolate with us.

Back Up Stage

Because humans adapt to the weather and not the other way around, we try to promise you clear sky, but we don't know what the weather is up to. In case of fog or if the avalanche risk is high, we still have enough places to ride safe. Forests or slopes, you will always find a spot with good snow. Steep valleys or steel cable cars, all we need is snow. We check the weather forecast and choose what is best for our team: off-piste or resort. 

Accomodation I - Bike Studio

You’ll love this place because of it's unique design, the garden, the location, the story of the house, the free bikes & maps for our city and the people :). This lovely studio is spacious but really feels cozy and welcoming, having everything one dreams whether on a chill trip, romantic getaway or working trip. And you just open the door and savor your coffee in the yard... So it is perfect for couples, solo adventurers, business travelers, and do just fine for families (with kids), and pets.

Accomodation II - Paltino Chalet

Paltinu Chalet is located in Sibiu, at an altitude of 2050m, near the glacial lake Balea (2034m altitude) with an area of 4.6 ha, the national road "Transfagarasan" that achieves near maximum altitude of 2042m and Balea tunnel - Fagaras mountains goats which pierces between Paltinu peaks (2398m altitude) and Iezerul Goat (2417m altitude). Balea Tunnel - Capra unites Transylvania and Muntenia, two old Romanian provinces, has a length of about 900m, the longest road tunnel in Romania and located at the highest altitude. Paltinu cottage is situated in the middle of Fagaras mountains, about 9km in a straight line Moldoveanu Peak (2544m altitude) the highest peak of Romania and 5 km from Negoiu (2535m altitude) second peak of Romania that altitude and important. The cottage is dominated by increases Paltinu crown from which high peaks from East to West Hunt Buteanu (2507m altitude), Vaiuga (2443m altitude), Iezerul Goat and Goat Paltinu separated by saddle (2315m altitude ) and saddle Bali (2208m altitude).

General Tour Description

Tour Name: Carpathian Backcountry Experience
Price: 550 Euros / person
Type: Guided tour. Splitboard / Snowboard
Nearest airports: Otopeni (OTP) / Sibiu (SBZ) Romania
Other airports: Cluj (CLJ)
Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Departures: 19.02.2017 or any date for custom tours
Minimum party size: 4 people
Difficulty: Access to most of the trails is by cable car, but still we recommend you to be in good physical shape. On some of the trails ice climbing crampons and ice axes may be required.  
Tour customizable at any time. Special offers for teams, groups, associations and easy riding riders travel partners. Please contact shredmind.com for further information.

The price includes:
Six nights accommodation
6 breakfast
Mountain Guide
Luggage transfer from hotel to hotel
Transfer from and to airport on day one and eight (for compact groups)

Not included:
Flight tickets to and from Romania and excess luggage charges (if any), six lunches, ski pass, medical insurance, alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages at lunch/dinner and extras in hotel, laundry service, split/snowboard & equipment rental, tourist tax.
Anything not mentioned in “inclusions”, museum tickets.

* If you have any food allergies/ intolerances, preferences or restrictions please let them know in advance.