05. January 2017    

A very inspiring book that gives great insights to the making of Deeper, Further and Higher.

It had been one year ago since we got the book "No words for the way down" from Jeremy Jones in our hands. Now we also had been able to watch the BluRay inclueded and we want to share our opinion.

It is a book about the adventures of Jeremy and his crew Xavier De Le Rue, Travice Rice, Mitch Tölderer, ..., while filming for Deeper, Further and Higher. It is a very personel book that takes you deep into the world of Jeremy and other mountaineers. Lots of personel drawings, statements and unique pictures make this book something very special. Ambitioned splitboarder can also get some learnings out of those experiences.

Honestly we don`t want to talk to much about the book, but we can warmly recommend it to everybody who loves the mountains and splitboarding or who wants to get deeper insights of the life and mind of Snow- and Splitboard Professionals.

Super authentic, deeply honest - absolutely worth to read. Also the included BluRay is amazing.



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    Hat jemand einen Kontakt in Deutschland, bei dem man dieses Buch bekommt?
    Oder jemand eins gebraucht?