31. July 2014      
"Blue Moon" and the death of Neil Armstrong - made this "Splitboard-Mission" an unforgettable and spectacular experience.

Neil Armstrong was only 6 years old when he flew for the first time. The airplane was a three-engined Ford Trimotor. This childhood experience influenced his life and awakened his fascination for flying. Even before he received his driver's license, he started his pilot license and it seemed as if he would get it before his graduation. Who would have thought that 22 years later he would write history and became the first man on the moon?

We write the 25/08/2012, the death of Neil Armstrong and day of an unforgettable splitboard mission at "Blue Moon".

Splitboard Tour Bluemoon Chile 1Splitboard Tour Blue Moon Chile Moon 1

In our "Blue Moon" splitboard tour with Thomas Samsing, Santiago Perez and other friends, we have witnessed an astronomical event. So far I had no idea what to expect. The name "Blue Moon" raised two ideas in me. First, at moonrise it will shine in blue color and color the landscape in a mystical blue, or secondly, the moon would be just on top of us and turn blue, with an aura that obscures our vision, if we look at it for too long. But nothing like that happened.

Blue Moon Splitboard Tour Chile 2Blue Moon Tour Chile Ascent

We felt like beamed to the moon, as if we were taking the first steps in a world far away from ours and if this mission was in honor of Neil Armstrong.

"Blue Moon" is the term used when there is twice a full moon in one month. This happens about every 3 years.

So, what did we experience on this mission?

Splitboards and Skis in Tour-Mode we are hiking up to our summit. At sunset, the landscape changes color in a spectacular, very intense red to a color mixture of blue, black and orange, which I like to call "Duracell Sunset".

Blue Moon Splitboard Tour Chile 3It becomes romantic

Then it was dark, so dark that we could not even see our hands in front of the face, because the moon is still hidden behind the mountain ranges. But then ... it flashed out the first "moonbeam" behind the mountains and yes, I am overwhelmed. It is indescribable how long can the night be and how quickly the moon illumines the sky and follows it`s track. We were witnesses to an incredible natural spectacle, like a natural amphitheater.

Blue Moon Splitboard Durazell SonneDuracell Sunset

We enjoyed the spectacle, having our summit snack and made ​​us full of joy and vitality on the way back through the "Magic Valley of the Moon". Ice, windpressed snow and powder should be our cocktail for today's night. Due to the height our senses are sharpened - so we proceed as usual enjoying those special moments in a landscape that we had never previously experienced in this light and mood.

Blue Moon Splitboard Tour Abfahrt
Blue Moon Splitboard Tour Descent

Back at the starting point we felt grateful for this experience. We made something unique, that we might repeat in some years, but sure it will be different.

Blue Moon Splitboard Tour zurück am Start
Back down and stoked

Thanks to Rodrigo Matus, co-founder of WKNDheros.com, for giving us the rights to translate his splitboard specific content and publish it for you. If you want to read the original article in Spanish, go for it


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