12. October 2020    

Always the same question how do I stay fit for the winter in summer and vice versa. Surf Strength Coach gives the answer. Find out more now and stay fit!

In March 2020 the splitboarding season comes to a surprising end. More or less locked down I was worried about the fact that this year I won't have the chance to keep myself fit in winter as well as in summer. So I'm testing several fitness apps including Freeletics, Asana and also some free apps. All tested apps had one thing in common. The training sequences in the videos were super fast and I couldn't take part in the beginner trainings because of the speed despite a solid fitness. Yes, the hot yoga girls and the well-trained fitness freaks are great to watch - but the speed of the sequential exercises, unfeasible, at least if you want to avoid the risk of injury.

After further research I stumbled across the app "Surf Srength Coach" hereyou have the possibility of a two week test period which I booked immediately. Yes, this app is surf specific but I didn't think much about it as I wanted to go surfing for two months in summer - on the contrary it seemed to make sense. Already after the first two weeks I noticed a significant change in my body feeling. I became more flexible from day to day and also a strengthening of my muscles was clearly noticeable. Hmm, feels good but does it really affect my surfing in 2 months? We will see. The App Surf Strength Coach is not cheap. I chose the 3 month surf athlete program because it is very comprehensive. The costs for a lifetime use are about 120 € once. Nevertheless, I liked the exercises and the yoga flows were also very pleasant. I had the feeling that the exercises presented in this app are good for the whole body, for surfing and splitboarding and also in old age you can do these exercises to stay fit - MEGA. Already after three weeks I noticed good progress in flexibility, strength and balance. At first it was noticeable in mountain biking, so some tricks went easier than before.  But one question remained open. Will it really affect my surfing positively when I am at the ocean?  I was very positively surprised. It was no wonder, because 3 days a week 45 minutes of training for strength and flexibility naturally have an effect on the body.  But the following questions interested me the most.  Will I be able to stay longer in the water?  Will I feel stronger? Will I have more balance on the board? All these questions went through my mind. But I had to wait another 2 months to feel the real effect.

Now it's July and after a two-week injury break (mountain biking) I'm at the ocean and looking forward to my first surf session. Yes I feel fitter than in the past years and I was able to stay in the water for one and a half to two hours without any problems right from the beginning. Also my balance on the surfboard the takeoffs and the paddle power were better than in previous years. So I could answer my questions with yes - the app is worth it.

Conclusion: Surf Strength Coach is AWESOME. I am really stoked with the effects on my body. The exercises build up perfectly on each other and there are many variation possibilities. Even if you go into a training that takes a lot of time, you do something good for your whole body. After the "classic" 3 month program I changed my training with the help of the app so that I chose the best exercises and do shorter sessions every day. This makes it easier for me to integrate it into my daily routine (about 30 minutes a day). E.g. Monday a yoga flow, Tuesday a muscle building session with some relaxation, Wednesday a day of "doing nothing" - mostly combined with a relaxing yoga flow, Thursday strength and cardio, Friday strength and relaxation.  Saturday and Sunday do what is possible, splitboarding, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, ... This is just an example I want to give you, because I feel very good with it. Everybody has individual needs and feels what is important for himself.

If you are also looking for a fitness app, I can recommend the App Surf Strength Coach with a clear conscience. Take a look at the two week test period and then decide for yourself. Check out the website: https://surfstrengthcoach.com/program/surf-athlete-training-program/

Have a great season - keep calm and go splitboarding!