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Splitboarding with Snowboard Pro Marco Smolla in the Bavarian Alpes - Four generations fo German Snowboarding out to explore. It dosn`t have to be Canada. BC Freestyle and Freeride, new worlds are opened up.

Germany's higher altitudes have been well provided in terms of snow for the past few seasons, and as an ambitious backcountry snowboarder, you don`t have to travel long distances to find what you like. So Nitro team rider / Red Bull athlete Marco Smolla and six of Germany's best snowboarders got equipped with splitboards to discover the Bavarian backcountry and the possibilities just at their backyard. They have found untracked slopes, idyllic huts, unforgettable moments in their home country and touring possibilities for alpine beginners as well as experienced splitboarders.

Marco Smalla stokedMarco Smolla full of joy before his bavarian split trip

In the backcountry, so off the groomed slopes, the 24 -year-old Snowboardpro and physics student Marco Smolla feels most comfortable, because there he can best live out the creative side of his sport. For him mountains are just a giant playground with unlimited possibilities, which have to be rediscovered again and again.

BC Spielplatz
Giant Playground

After traveling into the distance, he now wants to devote home: "I have traveled with my snowboard to the most remote places in the world, but some time ago I noticed how little I actually know the mountains in my Bavarian homecountry. "

Berge in Bayern
The beauty of the bavarian mountains

This fact did remedy Marco and he activated his snowboard colleagues Xaver Hoffmann, David Benedek, Christophe Schmidt, the twin brothers Fips and Tobi Strauss and Elias Elhardt. Their goal was getting a deeper understanding of the Bavarian mountains.
In March this year, the caravan started it`s way, with photographers and film-makers to explore, for almost three weeks, the Allgäu and the Garmisch region through various routes including the nightlife in different huts.

Splitboarding in Bayern mit Marco Smolla
Breaking track with Marco Smolla

"I look forward to discover Bavaria with four different generations of snowboarders, who go to discover the mountains just by splitboard". That is what Marco Smolla said before. Since the splitboard and the associated hiking was quite new for the majority of the participants and you should not underestimate the dangers in the mountains, the group was accompanied by Martin Wittmann, who is an experienced JDAV (Youth of the German Alpine Club) mountain guide. Especially his knowledge as "Check Your Risk" coach, the Avalanche prevention program of the JDAV, contributed in the construction of kickers in snowy and partially impassable slopes to amplify the safety of the riders.
Splitboard BC Freestyle mit Marco Smolla
Kicker in rough terrain

The crew has quickly accustomed to the unfamiliar equipment and the challenges in the Allgäu Alps, the mountains and the Lenggrieser Wettersteingebirge. The result is fantastic, images of excellent deep snow runs, spectacular idyllic "hut life", and above all lots of fun, which could not have been any  better in the prestigious freeride destinations of Canada. The members of the expedition have the unanimous opinion that the Bavarian mountains offer plenty of potential for splitboarding and backcountry snowboarding.
BC Freeriding in DeutschlandMarco slashing POW

Marco is completly satisfied with the results and will spend more days snowboarding in his own backyard. "It dosn`t have to be Canada " .
Rauhalm Bayern
Raualm hut

Below is an overview about the routes and huts from Marco Smolla 's Bavarian Split:

Allgäu Hochalpen (Starting Point : Behind Stone) - Gable House (1.065m) -> Schwarzenberghütte (1,380 m): Relatively easy tour in moderate terrain but with a steep climb of 200m hosted before Schwarzenberghütte, which offers 54 beds in dormitories (18 €) . The picturesque area around the Schwarzenberghütte is known by the locals as little paradise. In addition, the  Schwarzenberghütte the greatest dumplings of the Allgäu. Schwarzenberghütte (1,380 m) -> Prince Luitpold House (1.846m): Challenging climb, you  should address only at safe conditions due to avalanche danger. Built in 1880 Prince Luitpold House is not only the oldest hut in the Allgäu Alps, but scores with its idyllic location and unbeatable views of a magnificent mountain backdrop. This popular
selfservice hut offers 260 beds in dormitories (20 €) and 20 beds (26 €).

Lenggrieser mountains (starting point : Winterstube ) - Winterstube -> Rauhalmhütte (1400m): This relaxed Pre-Alpine route for beginners leads to Rauhalmhütte below the Seekarkreuz in the Lenggrieser mountains. The simple but quaint hut offers 16 beds , which, however, only is accessible for members of the DAV (sections Munchen and Oberland) from November to April.

Wettersteingebirge (starting point : Nesselwang) - Alpspitzbahn (1.705m) -> Stuibenhütte (1.640m): With the Alpspitzbahnyou come to the mountain station of the Osterfelderkopf and with the Hochalmbahn or a one hour walk to the little hut. From there, along the Bernadaien lift you reach a crossing where you get to the Stuibenwald and than doing a moderate to steep climb you reach the Stuibenhütte. This jewel beneath the Alpspitze offers 30 beds in the dormitory and is an absolute rarity. The chef of the hut makes legendary food out of self brought ingredients, and the "toilet-view" might be the most beautiful in the Bavarian alpes. Due to the sometimes steep terrain you need alpine experience and physical fitness to do this route.

Photos by Hansi Herbig

Copywrite : Nitro Snowboar



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