07. April 2014    

From April 4th – 6th, splitboarders gathered in and around the mountain station “Sunnbuel” (1963m altitude) to participate in the Alpine Splitfest which was executed for the first time. A Splitboard Festival which offers testing material, exciting touring experiences and the exchange with an international splitboarding community to everyone interested.

The aim of the festival was to offer the testing of new material, touring possibilities and to exchange experiences to the 60 participants. The international attendants were entertained by a diversified programme: beside testing and touring, avalanche safety courses, film presentations and music were included.

Alpine Splitfest Kandersteg
Testingarea Kandersteg


60 splitboards from 11 brands were available for testing. The big assortment inspired the participants. On Saturday morning, the test-village was momentary empty – every single splitboard was already being tested somewhere in the area of Gemmi. Even the fog could not stop the hikers from discovering the ideal touring-area.

Alpine Splitfest Touring 2
Touring Kandersteg

Urs Steiner, mountain guide and Ortovox representative, constantly informed the splitboardes about weather- and snow conditions and recommended concrete tours for every level of performance.
After the barbecue on Saturday evening, singer-songwriter Carolynn and DJ Mike entertained the crowd with their musical skills and also the two splitboarding film presentations of STEPS and Bavarian Split were attended with big interest.

With a mixture of action, touring, informative presentations and a big amount of energy, this year’s Alpine Splitfest became the perfect place for the splitboarding community. Participants, partners and the Alpine Splitfest team experienced the first edition of the event as a positive and successful festival.

Alpine Splitfest Kandersteg LVS Übung
Beacon-Exercises Alpine Splitfest Kandersteg

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