Our vision!

Splitboarding.eu, THE interactive splitboard journal. We are more than a splitboard magazin, we are the most complete european source dedicated to splitboarding.

Our mission!

With our combination of splitboard relevant articles from pro-riders, our own experience, the stories of our readers and a balanced focus on safety, equipment and route suggestions, we push splitboarding in Europe. As well as we empower and inform snowboarders to enter backcountry snowboarding on a safe and well informed basis.

Our feeling!

Can you hear the gentle whispering or the loud screaming? Do you know the sound of the Mountains, calling you?

„Come on, enjoy a haunting backcountry ride“

The force of attraction is massive? You have to skin up somewhere, getting one of those rides? Or you are just tired of the boring ski resorts and you want to draw your lines into fresh, untouched POW!

Then we share the same feeling, we want to ride the first lines into the untracked and feel the power of nature and ourselves. splitboarding.eu is the first  adress in Europe, where you get top information about splitboarding, backcountry touring (without skinning-sections at the descent, or you will be warned!) and equipment.

You can share your advantures and make new splitboarding-friends. You can learn about risks, fun and get Info, Info, Info!

Join in and write at our splitboarding blog, tell about your adventures, your experience with your equipment or what ever you want.


Like that, splitboarding.eu works best!

We are happy if you use splitboarding.eu, tell your friends about it and share us on Facebook, you do us a big favor. Of course, we look forward even more when you enroll yourselve actively. So we can spread the  community to push each other and become part of  a "new" popular "offshoot" of the snowboard sport. You can always win some great prizes. We start with our RespAct Splitboarding.eu shirts, organic & fair.

I want all the news (split board news, current tour reports, latest tours, split board stuff, ...) at a glance!

You get it on Start / Home. Taking the RSS feed provides keeps you always up to date.

I want to do cool backcountry adventures and I am familiar with avalanche awareness and backcountry planning!

Take a look at our route database and pick your favourite splitboard tour. The filter functions make it easy to select for your level, altitude and the preferred country or region. With every tour you get the most important weather and avalanche warning information on the right side. Tour conditions are also found here.If you join splitboarding.eu, you can download the route data (GPS Track).If you know a good backcountry route, we look forward to your posts, sign in and simply write, after reviewing the contents they will be activated by us. Of course you can win something.

I want to be safe in the backcountry, I know but still not so good!

Then check out our category Safety First, here you will get information on risk management in backcountry riding and a list of materials.

  • On the mountain weather you can find the current weather forecast and a 7 - day weather forecast the required region.
  • Avalanche danger you find information about current conditions in your Spitboard region.
  • Routeplanning will give you valuable information (eg Mateialliste, must-haves, nice to haves) and a functional approach to risk reduction by the Austrian Alpine Club.

I want current splitboard trip reports to make myselve a picture of the current conditions!

Then check out the conditions and write as well, because we can only be always "up to date"  and find the best powder with the help of each other.

I want to get an overview of the equipment to buy it for me!

This information can be found on splitboard stuff. Categorized by:

  • Splitboards (maybe the most complete overview): You know a brand that is not here yet? Please email to us so we can add the brand to our index.
  • Boots & Bindings: Here you will find the best products, specially designed for splitboarding.
  • Addons & Safety: Contains information on spare parts, bags, shovels, probes and avalanche tranceivers, ... here are only those article which we think they are really good for splitboarding.


We are independent and we just present the equipment on splitboarding.eu where we believe that it is really good and sophisticated for splitboarding.

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