Of course, the relevance of the topic of split board clothing is determined by the scope and type of activity. Splitboarding is diverse, from short trips to the backcountry or loops on a small slope to large expeditions. Many pieces of the normal resort snowboard clothing are not suitable for climbs of several hours, during which you often start to sweat a lot, too heavy, too little flexibility, first too warm and then too cold.

Streamlined ski mountaineering gear is not the ultimate choice for splitboarding either. The most versatile range is freeriding and ski touring - mountaineering clothing or a mixture of both. On excursions into the world of the more ski-oriented manufacturers, you should pay attention to sufficient width of the trouser leg ends. Basically, the onion skin principle rules, whereby the type and number of layers can vary depending on the use, weather forecast and personal preferences.

In general, when selecting the shape, cut and material, it is not enough to consider the insulation effect of the individual garments:
When you are splitting, you always carry a backpack, you brush branches, rocks and climb over fences and ladders. Even with a climbing harness, all jacket pockets should be easily accessible and should not be placed under belts or backpack straps. Try it on!

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