Hi splitboard friends, with all the fun and joy of snowboarding and split boarding in the backcountry, please watch out and take care of yourself!

Better to be a „coward“ once, than never on the splitboard again!

We have the following material with us on all our split board tours. We have divided it into things that are absolutely essential ("must haves") and the things that are useful ("nice to haves")...

Must have:
avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, poles, skins, ski crampons, backpack, first aid pack, bivy bag, map, sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles, tool.

Nice to have:
Helmet, back protector, spare gloves, spare-cap or bandana, compass, camera, crampons, ice tools, cords, altimeter, pocket knife, tour book.

Choice of material depends on the claim of the chosen tour, the list has to be expanded for challenging glacier tours and extended tours, or reduced for simpler slopes. The must-haves are always with us!

We don't want to go in detail about the snowboarding clothes here. One tip: "Better take a little more than have to freeze in an unexpected situation."

Here you will find important information about planning a tour (also within the individual tour descriptions you'll get the relevant information):

Safety Stuff für Splitboard Touren, Sonden, LVS, Rucksäcke, Kompass, bandana,...

The most important things to plan a safe and enjoyable snowboarding or ski-split board, we have summarized in the section trip planning .

Further information on the preparation (not just for beginners) can be found in the following highly recommended books: