Our backcountry hikes are rated according to the Swiss scale of difficulties (SAC). Each of our routes is linked to the difficulty level, like that you can check, before entering an unknow route, what might be found on the way.

  1. The overall rating of the backcountry hikes is related to the most difficult part of each hike.
  2. The indication is made at good weather-, snow- and visibility conditions.
  3. The evaluation refers exclusively to the part of splitboarding / skiing.
  4. Alpine challenges (e.g. , hikes to the summit, climbs) are described in the text part of the hike. For climbing sections will be used the UIAA-Scale.


RatingSteepnessExposed AreasTerrain Uphill/DownhillNarrow sections

L (+)

up to 30°No exposed areas

Soft, hilly, flat ground

No narrow sections

WS (+-) beginnerover 30°Short slides in case of a fall

soft tapering Mostly open backcountry with short scarps, obstacles with possibility to avoid, (kickturns necessary)

Short narrow sections, not steep

ZS (+-) intermediateover 35°Longer slides in case of a fall, possibility to stop (danger of injuries)

Short scarps, without possibility to avoid, obstacles in moderate steep areas, requires good splitboarding/skiing, (safe kickturns necessary)

Short narrow sections, quite steep

S (+) advancedover 40°

Long slides in case of a fall, sometimes straight to scarps (Danger to Life)

Scarps without possibility to avoid, many obstacles in steep area, requires very good splitboarding/skiing

Long narrow sections, short turns can be done by good riders

SS (+-) experts

over 45°

Long slides in case of a fall, straight to scarps (Danger to Life)

Overall very steep area with lots of obstacles and rocksteps in between

Long, very steep and narrow sections, short turns, will be followed by “jumping turns” sometimes no turns possible

AS (+-)
pros / kamikaze

over 50°

Very exposed, a fall can cause death easily

Really steep faces or couloirs, no possibility to relax during descent.

Long, very steep and narrow sections, as well as rock steps “jumping turns” necessary

Freaks only
over 55°

Extremly exposed, absolutely forbidden to fall

Extreme Faces and Couloires

Rappeling can be necessary

Alpine-technical challenges (e.g. climbs to the summit, climbing sections,...) will be described in the text. For climbing sections we use the UIAA-scale.