In 1937, Swany was established in Higashikagawa city in Japan, famous for its glove manufacturing.

Meanwhile they developed some of the best materials for performance gloves.

  • Flexor = It is Swany patented technology.  This Flexor construction fingers improves durability, flexibility and warmth by 30 – 50%.  This technology is based on the gloves for astronauts.
  • Dryfinger = It is a monolithic insert glove made of advanced polymers and developed by Swany.  Dryfinger inserts allows moisture to pass from the inside out.  The molecular structure makes the insert 100% waterproof while allowing superior breathability.
  • TRI-PLEX INSULATION SYSTEM = Swany developed unique insulation components system.  TRI-PLEX is a combination of different weights of insulation and materials.  The combination with Dryfinger would be the best insulation system in the world.

70 years later, Swany Brand is well recognized throughout the world. Swany operates five factories and employs 2,000 glove specialist around the world. Swany has a presence in manufacturing & marketing on four continents & numerous countries throughout the world. Swany’s high-end technical gloves and accessories are assembled by over 1,500 manufacturing enthusiasts. Through a concerted effort of our employees & partners we are able to bring you a unique, fully integrated one of a kind, glove & accessory program. Our most important mission is to make Swany one of the best brands in the world market. We hope you can touch our technical products and feel our passion for it.