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Two Used Boards, One Choice

Hi everyone! And greetings from summery Austria.

I have two options for a used split and would appreciate your views. Both sets are € 900.

The first (Burton Flight Attendant) is here: https://mobile.willhaben.at/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/splitboard-burton-fli....

The second (K2 Splitbean) is here: https://mobile.willhaben.at/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/k2-splitbean-splitboa....

Now I realize that their profiles are quite different. And generally I’d tend more towards the all-rounder. But the K2 looks incredibly fun. And I have skis for the more alpine and multi-day stuff so I can always resort to those. Condition-wise they look similar enough. Any views are much appreciated.

Clearly looking forward to the winter…

Thanks everyone