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Doubts about buying splitboard gear (bye bye snowshoes)


These week I'd like to buy my first splitboard gear and say goodbye to the snowshoes, but I've some doubts and I can't find so much information. I plan to buy a Mendiboard Gandor 158 + Spark Ark 19/20 + Contour skins, but:

- Is it worth buying the T1 step locker? Maybe for short downhills?
- Is it worth buying the Spark Ibex crampon? I always carry with me my classic crampons.
- If you have to choose between two identical boards, one with flex 7 and the other with flex 8, which one would you choose? In the Pyrenees region were I live days with good powder are scarce, if this is important to decide...
- Should I buy something else as a basic kit? For example something for skin maintenance?
- With 178cm, 67kg, 10.5 / 45 feet, should I go for the 158 or 162 board length?