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Early Season Splitboarding Spots

I know it is still a bit early, but we are all stoked for the upcoming winter, right?!  Who can recommend some good spots for early season splitboarding. What would be your best shot, where would you go and try? Not now but maybe in a couple of weeks or in a month.

Good Question -

but difficult answer I guess - I 've seen first tracks in the snow last Saturday in die Allgäuer Alpen. (First avanlaches also...)

One can do this - but I for example do prefer a fine base an this is usually in direct link with the evolution of a solid cover of snow.

(Ok my new XV didn't made me not to really wait :-)

Regarding this, the first spots I think about are usualls the glaciers, where Sölden would be my first joice but I am not really in the position to compare because I only know a few glaciers - and regrettably not for splitboarding but only for some freeriding.

So I would like to join your question and ask for tips / ideas how to track the snowing since first snow like we had last week?

And I'm referring to the Allgäuer Alpen, Switzerland and Western Austria.




P.S.: I only know about Schneehöhen.de and the regional avalanche warning services who provide Information to that issue.


Hintertux has good snow and offers nice possibilities for freeriding already. But I'm not sure about splitboarding possibilities there. Stubai could be a nice option, maybe Hinterer Daunkopf.. Don't know how difficult it is to get to Zuckerhütl or Wilder Pfaff and how the crevasse situation is there..