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Lyngen Norway, april, may ?

Hi all, I am a keen snowboarder doing a mountaneering course in Malung Sweden, i have been Thinking to go this coming April, May to Lyngen alps in Norway to shred some good lines, the idea is still fresh, but i am very keen to spend about 10 days or so in the area and explore some of the mountains. If your keen to get involve just write me some lines and we can talk more about this. 



Hi Victor, I was also

Hi Victor, I was also planning a trip to Norway. The time of year and the trip duration are similiar to what I had in mind, so would be great to join you. I'm based in the UK, but have experience splitting in the Alps and British Columbia. My email is eayzrb@hotmail.co.uk. Cheers, Rich.

Lyngen trip, Spring 2015

Hi Victor and Rich, 

You have a very similar plan to me for a trip to the Lyngen region. I have been hoping to get up there and explore for a few years now and am currently trying to decide wether to head there in early May or not. There is also the opportunity to go to Austria for the splitboard festival on May 8th. I basically don't have many contacts in Europe so I have been struggling to find people who have similar ambitions.

Have you planned any more for the Lyngen trip? I would be very interested to talk about it further. 

I am from the UK originally as well. Completed seasons all over the world but lived in Canada for the last 3 years where I started to develop my mountaineering, climbing and splitboarding skills. I am currently in Japan for the season tail guiding for a cat skiing company but craving some bigger descents for the spring time. Will be returning to Europe at the start of May and i'm incredibly keen to get out and about. 

Be great to hear back from you guys if you are still keen for a trip.

All the best, Seb


I am currently in Norway doing some splitboarding around the Romsdalen area, I won't be able to go to Lyngen late April, I hope you guys can do it, best of luck and have a  happy season.