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Looking for a tour partner and splitboard beginer advices

Hi all,

I am quite new in splitboarding. I've been snowboarding since 2014 and I always wonder to go backcountry. As you may also guess, freeriding is my dream. I was riding on groomers and sometimes the off-piste next to slopes but I really want to go backcountry and develop techniques and knowledge for this. If I go backcountry as much as I can, I believe that I can improve my skills as well.

I thought splitboarding is the thing that I am looking for. Therefore, I enrolled to a basic camp for splitboarding. I have already got the ABS backpack, beacon, probe and shovel as well. I am also reading a lot about the techniques and the safety in the safety tips. However, I think the best learning is doing. My friends are not eager to come with me for splitboarding (maybe they don't want to go away from slopes) but I really keen on splitboarding. I am living in Nürnberg, Germany and I have also a car. So, I am looking for a buddy that will join my splitboarding progression with me. I had off-piste experience but I have never done splitboarding.

I don't know how will be the situation due to the corona but I would like to go splitboarding as much as possible. I don't have any splitboard yet but I am deciding to buy one.

So, I really appreciate any suggestions and advices as well as partner that can join me.