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Aussie splitboarder looking for touring partners


I'm Steve. Just signed up. Not many people are thinking about splitboarding in June I am sure, though I am. I'm planning my next trip for 3 weeks in March 2016 coming from Australia and to get the best deal on flights I am booking now. 

For the last few winters I have been visiting Europe with my wife. This year I will be visiting by myself. I am an advanced, not extreme rider and moderately fit. Not super fit. Early 30s. No unguided glacier or ropes experience, although I have an AST1 avalance qualification. 

If anyone has a trip I could I join in March next year let me know! Keen to check out the Monte Rosa though can really go anywhere. Also, if you can recommend any cost effective, splitboard or snowboard free ride tours that would be appreciated too. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about new cultures.

*Im the one in the Burton t-shirt of the attached photo. Taken the day we arrived home in Australia from Geneva in February 2015.