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Any splitboarders in chamonix

Hi I live in cham and looking for touring partners nearby or in the valley.

I have been splitboarding for 4 years all around the chamonix valley, switzerland and italy.  I attend a 2 day avalanche safety course every year to refresh my avalanche awareness.  So i would like to think i'm pretty safe.  

I spend alot of time up in the glaciers so my glacier travel is pretty good.  

Looking to do alot of steep riding this year.  By the looks of the routes I have seen that involves mountaineering ascent usually for the last parts,  so need ice axes crampons ropes etc.

I work for 2weeks on 2 weeks off so I'm off from work quite alot so always struggling to find partners to go out all the time.

But even if you don't fancy doing any serious tours give me a shout anyways as i'm easy going doing any tours.

 Better getting out touring than not at all!


If you fancy it let me know!





Hi mate, I know you posted

Hi mate, I know you posted this months ago but I am looking for people around Cham to go splitboarding with. I live in Les Bossons and am here until the end of April, have all my own gear, just recently went on a 3 day course touring around Le Tour and Brevent so brushed up on mountain safety skills. I also did a season in Whistler last year where I finished my Level2 instructor quals so I'm a pretty competant rider. 

One thing I have very little experience of is the mountaineering aspect, which seems to be a big factor in most stuff in the valley so would be interested in easing into some rope work etc, have a harness.


Anyway, give me a shout if you're still looking to get out, would be pretty keen! 





Pm'd you

Pm'd you