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Voilé Speed Rail vs Karakoram Prime Connect

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October 7, 2017 at 11:46 am#810795

Hey guys-
Am new to splitboarding and getting my setup together for this winter. I need help on the binding front. Here’s the context:
– Experienced resort snowboarder (15 years+), I ride an all-mountain board with Union Atlas bindings and Burton Ions.
- I live on Québec, Canada. So I expect fairly short hikes for fairly short rides :)
– Got myself a G3 Scapegoat 162.
– Am debating between Voilé Speed Rail system vs Karakoram Prime Connect.
– I get pretty similar pricing on both complete systems (pucks vs splitboard kit).
– I like the quivering feature on the Karakoram Conncet but not sure I’ll use these bindings in a resort setting just because I want to extend their life the most possible given price tag… plus I like my Unions.

Also : I’m planning on using my Ions for splitboarding also, but not sure what your thoughts are on this front..
Thanks in advance