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Voile Heel lockdown

Hello everybody,

Just wanted to share an idea on how to lock your heel on a Voile system. I have tested it for a year now and it works perfectly.

If you guys want more info on how i made the mod, do not hesitate to contact me :)


Simillar solution

Hello guys,

just developed similar solution also comapatible with Sparks Blaze and Burner Bindings. You can checkout details here:

different solution

Not that strong locked down but suitable for for some splitboard skiing as well. We have tryed it a few times and it works quite well. The good thing you do not need any tools to built or to fix it at your board. It can be used for all voile hole patterns.

universal heel lock down or skimode adapterhttps://www.splitboarding.eu/en/splitboard-forum/alles-zum-thema-splitbo...