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Two Used Boards, One Choice

Hi everyone! And greetings from summery Austria.

I have two options for a used split and would appreciate your views. Both sets are € 900.

The first (Burton Flight Attendant) is here: https://mobile.willhaben.at/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/splitboard-burton-fli....

The second (K2 Splitbean) is here: https://mobile.willhaben.at/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/k2-splitbean-splitboa....

Now I realize that their profiles are quite different. And generally I’d tend more towards the all-rounder. But the K2 looks incredibly fun. And I have skis for the more alpine and multi-day stuff so I can always resort to those. Condition-wise they look similar enough. Any views are much appreciated.

Clearly looking forward to the winter…

Thanks everyone

The K2 Split Bean is on the

The K2 Split Bean is on the extreme ends of the volume shift boards. If you use it only in deep powder it will certainly be a lot of fun. Haven't tested it, but suppose you won't get too much pop out of it. If you don't jump around very much then no problem. Also keep in mind, in the Alps you always deal with different conditions in one tour, so the Split Bean might be too powder oriented and also not so nice on hard traverses on the way up..