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Toe Strap / Karakoram SL

Hello everyone,

I have a Karakoram SL and problems with one of the toe straps. Often the air strap slips from the anchor. It can be fixed by releasing the screws and putting it back in its original position but during riding it slips again.

Any idea how this could be fixed?

Another Toe Strap?

I would try to use another toe Strap - because this system doesnt look reliable!
If you can - use a toe Strap of an old Binding!


it seems your missing a washer, look at your good binding.

The air strap is directly

The air strap is directly inserted in the base. No washers or other parts in between, but maybe its a good idea how to fix this. I will give it a try..

Inserting washers

This solves the poblem a bit. Now straps don't slip if you fasten them or if you land a jump. But now you cannot fasten the screws mounted near the strap too much otherwise the strap cannot rotate around its anchor. Hopefully Karakoram fixes this in the new models.

Engineer searching 4 solutions

Just tried to find out how the fixation is mentioned by its inventors.

Watched several pics on the net.

First of all - there should be a big washer (see picture)

If i got it right there should be 2 postitions for the anchor bolt. It should be hold in place by fastening the screws before and after the anchor. Did you check if they are fastend properly?

Otherwise it could be that the anchor it a little bit worn out and so doesnt stay in position any more. Anyhow - for me this toe strap system does look very light weight - but not reliable at all


In some photos you see washers and in others there isn't any. If you use washers (as shown in the picture) and fasten the screws beside the achor the toe strap cannot rotate. I guess then the strap will break near the anchor because of the increased tearing forces. Using another toe strap wouldn't fix the problem because they use the same fixation system.

Maybe the Karakoram guys can help..


What a mess

Hmm - what a pitty.

You buy a binding which costs really a lot of money and than this crappy toe strap fixing.

Just to tell you how i would fix it. Of course my suggestion is based just on pics in the net - but should word somehow.

I would take a toe strap with a bolt hole fixation.

This one you should be able to fix with a screw & nut though the hole in the sideways binding plate. The groove in the base plate should be big enough to house the bolthead (best one should be a hexagon bolt). Yor the Outside a big washer with a self locking nut should give you the option to rotate the toe strap - or to fix it in the postion you want if you tighten the screw!

Hope this one maybe helps you out!

PS: For Inforamtion in german - or just further tips just PN me! My last binding - up to winning the SP Binding here - was custon made by myself - so i know a little bit what I'm talking about!


Hi Mike, thanks for your

Hi Mike, thanks for your suggestions. The Karakoram guys are so kind and send new toe straps and washers. I'll give it a try first. If this doesn't work out replacing the strap as you explained might be a good idea. Will report later then..