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OZ Snowboards - A Behind the Scenes Look - Colorado Custom Built Splitboards

For full write up and pics of OZ snowboards behind the scenes go to this link:


For more splitboard trip reports from USA and Norway go here:


A few days ago Adam, mastermind and owner of OZ Snowboards shared a behind the scenes look to what I personally am calling one of the industries truly unique snowboard companies. The build quality and structural components of OZ boards are one of kind. A few build points to highlight are:

1) A solid non-jointed wood core: Most snowboard manufacturers utilize finger jointed wood cores to cut costs, these finger joints act as weak spots in the boards core. The amount of finger joints in a single board often vary from board to board. OZ uses a solid wood core with no finger joints. Another place manufactures cut costs is in the boards tip and tail. Plastic is often used at the boards tip and tail rather then the wood core extending through the boards tip and tail.

2) Aerospace grade carbon fiber: Most snowboard manufacturers use some form of fiberglass above and below the boards wood core. All OZ Snowboards are made with tri-axial aerospace grade carbon fiber. This is the material used to build jets. Carbon fiber is 5 times as strong and 1/3rd the weight of fiberglass and provides improved stability and control in a snowboard.

For more detailed info about the unique makeup of OZ boards visit the "Why Buy an OZ?" section of OZ Snowboards website.

Lets just say my next board will be an OZ. I've never been so impressed with the build quality of a snowboard. And the weight, so light thanks to the carbon fiber.

Check out the OZ website for buying info https://www.ozsnowboards.com/

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Yes, cool sold out every board.