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Nitro splitboards Thunder or Thunderbolt

Hey guys and girls,


I'm trying to decide which splitboard to choose from Nitro and I can't find a lot of information on the Nitro Splitboards.

I fear that the Nomad is a bit too soft to go ride some good terrain, but I'm trying to find out how the Thunder and the Thunderbolt are compared to eachother.

It looks like they're about the same shape, but what about the materials? Koroyd vs woodcore?

How does that compare to stifness? Is the camber the same on both boards? 


Anybody who tested both?

Nitro Splitboards

Hey Bart,

maybe our test will help you. Check this out: https://www.splitboarding.eu/en/splitboard-news/splitboard-test-review-1...

If you need further info I´am sure we can help.

Regarding the Nomad, we just flexed it a bit at the trade show and yes it is softer, but there are people who like it.


Nitro Splitboards

Hey Split2ride,


Thx for the quick response, 

I already checked the review, but I tried to find out more. Like how much the weight is, ... There's not much to find on the internet of these testresults. Couldn't even find the difference of weight between the 2 boards.


On the results it says that the weight of the thunderbolt is more than the weight of the thunder? What seems to be strange because the whole point of the honeyray material is to reduce the weight.


But also try to find out it it's a good materiaal, because the splits can hit rocks 'n' stuff ... so wenn you have to fix the base. Is it a good material,...

How does the board ride compared to the other (maybe it even feels the same)




Weight madness

Check this out, at least for the weight it will help, to explain more about the riding of the board, I need more time.


Regarding durability hitting rocks and stuff, well if you hit it hard it will be damaged, but all of them. I know about a Splitsticks Slash which is based on the Nitro Thunder. It is in third season ripped hard at any terrain and it just has lost a bit of flex. It is still a very good board.


Weight madness

That's awesome to see how the boards are compared ...

But again it shows that the thunder is lighter than the Thunderbolt. Which is weird because they bring the thunderbolt on the market as a lighter board.

And I'm just having a lot of doubts how Koroyd as a material works in the base, even though Head won an award for their Koroyd ski on the ISPO.

btw ... I got to test the 157 carbon splitboard from ONE a half day at the end of last season and I must say that it really was a fun thing to ride. Didn't get the chance to hike on it, but it was still very ridable on the slopes (had to adapt to the long radius on that pretty short board).

And on the tracked out backcountry of the Kitzsteinhorn it did everything I hoped to get back from it. A board that could really hold some power and it floated very nice (because of that rocker in the nose and short tail) in the heavy and wet pow. Liked it a lot ... but didn't like the price ;-)

I promised the distributor of this brand to make a report of it, so there you have it :-D

But a friend will make me a good deal with one from Nitro, so it has to be one of them. Just wanted to know on which one I will have the most fun on it and that will last!





Thunderbolt 162 6.812
Nitro Thunder 157 6.548

The Thunder is smaller and less broad, so it is lighter but just a little bit, the normation of the weights is not 100% correct it is just calculated the length and not the volume. When you grap the Thunderbolt and the Thunder both the same length you feel the difference.

I talked to the guys about the Koroid stuff and they said there havn`t been any complains about breaking boards.

I tested the Thunderbold and the Thunder as hard as I can on spring snow in the morning and in the evening, so both boards are super grippy incredible stable on the edges as well as on the decent as on the ascent. Nothing to comlain about, well I think there are shapes which are more suitable for splitboarding but anyway if you like camber it is a good choice.

If I could choose between those two boards i would take the thunderbolt. Not because of much better riding or hiking performance, to be honest they are quite similar, the TB is a bit more direct than it`s brother. I like innovative stuff, and the Koroid is innovative.

When it breaks Nitro will not be happy but I think they will give you a new one, that what i think.


thx for all the feedback man!

thx for all the feedback man!

you are welcome

happy for all the active people in here!

Thanks to you!