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Extent of splitboard is correct

Hello, I am looking for a splitboard, but there is not much offer for me. Can anyone help me?

I am a girl, height 1,60 cm and weight 50 Kg
10 Years practical snow and have a high level.
Last year I had a splitboard ATOMIC POACHER 157, but I sold it because it was very big for me.

Thanks in advance

There are some Boards

There are some smaller splitboards. The smallest I could find is the Lupin Split 147 (also in 150 and the Brandywine Splitboard in 149) from Prior:

Second smallest is the Jones Women´s Solution 148:

Then there is the Venture Zelix with a smallest size of 149:
Venture really makes quality boards. I have a Venture Storm 162 and I´m pretty stoked.

Burton has the Anti Social in 150:

These were the smallest I could find. There is the Burton Spliff 148 or Jones Hovercraft 152, but these may be too wide for your feet, because they´re Men´s Boards.

Thank you for the response. I

Thank you for the response. I had actually seen those models, but I do not know the qualities. Also am afraid that 150 cm is already big for my.
I've also seen the derby 147 Solomon.


Hi Alicia,

I havent tryed the boards by my own. i have just seen them, but as far as I could see the quality seems alright at all the boards.

Some are a bit lighter, some a bit heavier, but anyway don`t worry about the quality, if anything happens you have warranty. I would check the flex and the profile to decide if 150 is already to long for you.

Voile, Spark o Karakoram?

Very well, thank you. I am quieter.
The next dilemma is the interface. Voile, Spark or Karakoram?


Spark Magneto: light and a little bit cheaper then Kara.
Also easy to handle (no Pin, no hassle around whits some tricky tech stuff).
In small aviable.

Yes Spark

Same opinion as rudbeer, I`am using the magneto and it is very comfortable and light, it is based on the Voile Interface and with the binding comes the required stuff of the interface needed for Spark Tesla system.


Voile vs spark


Qué sorpresa! calidad/precio pensé que era mejor voile que espark. spark es la que menos conozco. lo estudiaré

What a surprise! I thought that quality/price was better voile than spark. Spark is the less I know. I'll study it
Thank you

sp union

ok. then check out this, with better crampons usability (then voile, when u ever need it in case).
be quick price is unstable!


uups, not in small.

uups uups

Again, ment about the voile crampons, when ever you needed it, its a pain in the ass to mount at 35 degree or icy cons.

voile womens 148

Voile Womens Artisan Board 148 is also an option.

Salomon Derby