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DIY Split vs Serien-Splitboard

As we have many times the questions, if there is a big difference between DIY Splitboards and Serial Splitboards, here a few words about that.

Sure it is cool to built your own splitboard out of a used snowboard.

The costs are not that high.

To built your board you need the following stuff:

  • A solid board, you want to cut.
  • An interface to be used with your cutted board, the price is around 150€
  • Wide skins for your splitboard around 150€

The building process itself needs a few hours.

You cut your board, you seal the "open" sidewalls with epoxy or similar glue.

Than it depends how you want to do it, you use the DIY Interface and screw it from the top in your board. Regarding my own "selfmade split" after some touring the screws at the top sheet got loose and the interface started to be loose as well, so I had to glue the screws but than I did not have that much confidence in the board to ride steeper stuff.

Second possibility is to set inserts. This requires some more work but the boards durability is longer, also you can use the "normal" Interface if you set the inserts the same way as the Voile hole pattern.

The DIY Split works fine, but as you cut a solid board in two you loose the torsional stiffness which cannot be recovered. Also the board halfs loose the camber, you need for good climbing performance, very quickly.

The fact that you do not have inside steel edges, means that there is much less performance in climbing.

There are some professional companies which cut your board in two, built in the steel edges and make your board quite durable. To be honest I do not have experience with that, I built my own board and due to the reasons I told here, I changed to factory splitboards.

My opinion is that everybody who wants to start splitboarding should built his own split, beeing aware that it can be used to get into it but if you want to do more challenging routes, it is better to get a factory split if your funds allow that. If not sometimes you can get good second hand offers.


If you have more questions, please let us know and we will appreciate to answer.


Hallo, möchte mein whitegold north splitten. Ist eigentlich schon in der mitte vorgerichtet zum zersägen. Kannst du mir einen tip geben was für proffesionelle firmen es in österreich gibt die das machen? Vielen dank im voraus.lg

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