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Did I ruin my skins?

Hi all,

While trimming my new G3 Spark skins, I accidentaly slipped the tool and cut more near the inner edge. the hole is approx 6 mm and  2-3 cm long. Here is a photo: http://imageshack.com/a/img537/3669/VBZbpV.jpg

Is it a big problem? Will it build snow near between the skin and the base around the hole and will it slip more on more steep traverses?


Will work

Hi Gundar,

it is not what should be done to a new Skin but I think it will work quite es well as a proper trimmed skin. Just rounded the cutting edge so it won't stick in the snow and causes drag.


I rounded the edge, hope it

I rounded the edge, hope it will be fine



not so nice but it will work

Hi Gunnar, it doesn`t look that nice, but actually if you are not on the run but doing splitboard touring it will work fine. the only thing what could happen is that there will be pushed snow under the skin and it will get little bit loose. But it is not to worry and it demps to the kind of snow and the angle you rounded the cut.

I would not think to much about it, just use it as far as it works and have fun with it. Further, the cut has it`s story.


that's the right attitude...

my new splitstiks, looks like....hmmm....yes - but i had fun