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buying new boot deeluxe xv expedition boot with touring mode or fitwell freeride/backcountry?

Hi there guys! I am getting a new set of splitboardboots for the next season. I am not sure whether to choose deeluxe xve with touring mode or either the fitwell backcountry or freeride. Anyone got any suggestions? Pros and kons on all boots are welcome. If you own and have used them please give me your opinion to do my choice easier. The pros that I have seen with the deeluxe is that it seems to have a bit more boardfeel and the part that you can lock only the heel down in addition to the touringmode is quite awesome. But is it stiff enough to do good traversing and get a nice edgehold on traverses? Fitwell backvountry looks seriously rigid and well built and I believe it to be awesome for the way up but I am afraid it will be to stiff and a bit more uncomfortable. And also the lacing freezing during mulitple daytrips. The fitwell freeride looks to be as well built as the backcoutry but a tad more comfy like a traditional snowboardboot, but the 1 zone lacing is in my opinion a big setback. what do you think? Btw I ride a jones carbon solution and ultracraft and karakoram prime carbon so its a stiff setup.

Well, you almost got all the

Well, you almost got all the important points together. The Deeluxe boot is very comfortable and I had no problems from the first day on. Flexing towards the front it feels very soft but provides very good lateral support. So far no problems during traverses from the boot side. From what I heard from the Fitwell (but never had the opportunity to try them):

The Fitwell backcountry is very stiff; some say it almost takes a season to get really comfortable with them. While most boots a worn off after 100 something days I suppose that they will last much longer.

The Fitwell Freeride is a bit more comfortable and feels more like a traditional snowboard boot.

If you prefer a very comfortable boot go with the Deeluxe, if you want something very durable go with the Fitwells.


Hope that helps,