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Burton tourist semiauto crampons

Hi guys.
I got Burton Tourist boots 2017. They say that you can mount semiauto crampons on them but I am not sure about it. Toes of the boots are too wide to fit semiauto. Especially that U shaped cord with toe clipper cant make it all the way up round the sole. Do you have any idea which crampons fit in?

extra wide

Hi Janko,
what you ask is not exclusively to the Burton Tourist, other splitboard boots may also be too wide at the toe section for standard semiautomatic crampons. What crampons did you try?
Personally i haven't used semi automatic crampons on softboots yet. What i know is that Grivel offers a  "wide" model of their Air Tech New Matic crampons, specially adapted for splitboard softboots.

I'm pretty sure that there are also some standard crampons with bigger and wider cut toe cups out there. Let's see what others have to say as i'm looking for some new or used ones, too.
Happy winter,

Hey Martin.

Hey Martin.
I,ve tried Singin Rock Fakir 2. Bought them for my trekking boots. Thing is that if I,ll buy crampons with wider toe section they won,t be good with trekkin boots couse the toe will be kinda loose. I asked some people on FB and they said that they use common crampons but they widen the V shaped clipper (orwhateveritscalled). I checked my Fakirs and there is room to make a bit more wider. I think about getting another spare piece of this clipper which I will use with snowboard boots only.

Always depends on boot

Always depends on boot/crampon-combination.

These fit my size 300 Fitwell:
Camp XLC 470
Stubai Light
Austrialpin Skyclimb (fits better than the P12, due to the wider front basket)
Austrialpin P12

Head to a shop and test with your boots.