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Boots : Nitro Incline TLS VS Salomon S/Lab Trek

Hello everyone,

Like a good number of snowboarders I descovered splitboarding this year with the global situation... And I loved it.
In my local area it is quite difficult to rent some gear so I decided to get my own next year.

I selected the Jones Solution paired with Nitro Vertical bindings but I'm still on the verge about the boots. I get that they are not mandatory but after a season in my usual snowboard boots, they are pretty damaged.

I can get my hand on a pair of Nitro Incline TLS or Salomon S/Lab Trek at good price.

What would you advise? The binding compatibility will be top notch with the Nitro but the articulated cuff on the Salomon is appealing to me.
Are the Salomon comfy? Have both of these boots enough lateral rigidity for long traverses?

I plan on going for day missions with about 1 200m D+ but maybe be more adventurous in the future.

Thanks in advance for every piece of advice you could give to me (even if you want to talk about my choice of board bindings, you are welcome)

Ride safe !