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Big hésitation

Hello splitboarding community,
It has been a month I am looking for my first ever splitboard and I am drowning in hesitation !
It has been 3 years since I ride almost only offpist at my local resorts and I am a good rider in all conditions.

I selected two models where maybe you can enlighten me:
Plum Transition, you can find the review here by slitboarding.eu:
Jones solution 20/21 , you can find the review here:

For my bindings for both I chooses the plum Feyan:

My hesitation is :
I love the Plum model because it is shaped and created in my country and the quality is over the top. And I truly believe that to be eco friendly you have to consume locally and buy products that are build to last.

I love the solution because it has a slightly better review on this website (WP 4.7 VS 4.3 for the transition) . And because it is a solution, it will be always good in all conditions.

The mains negatives points on those boards for me are:
For the transition: lack of user review and user experience, I am afraid that this board will lack stability at high speed. And comparing the splitboarding.eu tests, the playfulness of this board seems to achieve less than the solution. Overall this board is slightly worst than the solution.

For the Solution: I saw user review of past years that some (a tiny minority) solutions/Jones snowboards are not completely sustainable and after some tours it lost "too much" of its base or edges. In addition, my hearth is definitely turned toward local splitboard actors of my country... It is more a ethical problem I have...

If someone convince me that the transition will carry me without failure over all conditions (from steep icy couloirs to fresh snow fields) I will definitely take it ! But I have not found any user review on the internet...

Sorry for my low English level I am trying my best ! If you need more informations to help me don't hésite to ask I will gladly answer you.
Thank you in advance have a nice winter !

Hi Thomas,I can understand

Hi Thomas,

I can understand your hesitation. First, I don't think the Plum Transition will lack stability at higher speeds. However with its swallow tail and heavy taper it is more powder oriented and less the can-do-everything approach of a Solution. Best would to demo it for yourself before taking such an investment but with theese crazy times we all know this is quite difficult. If you are close by the Mont Blanc area and the situation allows it again, I would try to contact Plum and ask if they have a demo board available. If you prefer a splitboard that is more powder oriented go with the Transition, if you need something that can tackle everything go with a Solution.


Thank you for your answer !
I will go to their labs to test the transition and the other model Prems (similar to the Solution from Jones) from plum when the lockdown is over and there will be snow (still waiting...) !
The investment is huge for me and I don't want to be disappointed ;-)

Have a nice week end

The Transition has definitly

The Transition has definitly an improved Flex pattern. If I had the choice between Prems and Transition, I would lean more towards the the Transition.

I wrote Prems because for me

I wrote Prems because for me it's a "solution" like board ( and I have 0 opportunity to test the solution.

The only negative point about the transition is its ability to deal with bad conditions (which are 90% times here in France) such as ice, melted snow and bumpy faces... I am afraid I will lack edge grip and control of my board which can be potentially dangerous considering my use ! I love the playful part of this board but I am not convinced of its performances in term of pure freeride.
Tha k you for your answer !