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Tourequipment & -essentials

Discussion about Tourequipment & Quality

What things do you take with you on a tour?

Medical kit


As it seems I lost my old biwak-sack, I need a new one...

Orthovox or Vaude

It seems that the Ripstop models from Orthovox and Vaude are the major ones today!
I know a lot of experienced mountainers who have one of them.
Orthovox model name is gemini - Vaude UL.
But Salewa and Deuter models sure are no bad joice.

Ortovox or Vaude

Thanks for your answer!

In terms of price they differ a lot - for the double version 70€ ortovox and 40€ vaude.
I wonder how they justify it?


If you just need the bivibag for emergency I would recomment the ultralight double bivibag from bivibag.

If you need it to stay warm at some biwak action or outdoor fun in the mountains than the ones of Salewa and Vaude are good choices.

But I would invest in a gore tex or at least a very breathable one, if not you are incredibly wet at the next morning, due to your transpiration.

Last but not least I would always take a double because you can store your backpack and your boots as well.

I know Vaude as abrand with excellent price/quality ratio.


Thanks for your answer!

I need a bivi for emergency. Bivibag seems to be a good solution and cheap. i checked ortovox again and compared it, still wondering about the price.

Touring Equipment

I always carry (for one day tours):
-Allen wrench to tighten / loose screws of my binding system
-cabel binders in two different sizes in case something breaks
-tiny knife
-some layers of duct tape around the shovel
-some robust fiber

Then I bought one of those out-door med kits but found out it used too much space in my backpack. So I reduced that to the following items:
-emergency blanket
-some plasters
-1x triangular bandage
-1x compression bandage
-1x alcohol wipe
-1x sterile dressing

With this stuff and the help of the duct tape you should be able to fix most injuries during a trip.

Duckt Tape

Duckt Tape is the swiss army knife of mountaineering.
I already used it to fix skins which get loose, fix broken bindings, and poles glue a snowshoe to the boot (broken strap), fix torn bootlaces, attach the board to a backpack with no carry straps and of course some times its used with a sterile layer as a plaster to.

duct tape

Duct tape and cablebinder make you feel like MacGyver of the mountains.
:) thx!!

What about headlights? My flatmate always carries one with her and once did not take me on tour, because I did not have one!

I always carry a small compass with me, as I do not rely on my smartphone.


I guess thats a matter of personal taste. If your flatmate is doing hardcore mountaineering stuff or if you are starting your hike in the night it would make perfectly sense. For regular one day tours I wouldn't carry one.

Head - Light

The Headlight is also part of my personal "always to have with me" list.
But mostly I use it when I sleep at my parents hut in the montains.
I don't trust in batteries in the cold - thats why I also have a small hand light with a crank to charge the internal batterie.