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23.02.2017 Fieberbrunn

The idea was to find some pow in the area of Hoher Mahdstein (2063m) after the snowfalls on Tuesdays. Weather forecast predicted a snow line of 1200m up to 1500m in Tyrol. Unfortunately it rained up to an altitude of 2000m in this area. Still the snow was very good on north faces above an altitude of 1600m. Due to the rain the snow was not much wind affected.  Below 1600 the it's all slush no matter of the exposition, riding there feels like May, not February.

Update 24.02.2017

Today we had 15 cm new snow on the top, and 5 cm at around 1200. Below the fresh snow you hit a hard base in  higher areas. In lower lying areas the older snow layer is still slushy.