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Spark Heel Lockers


In which cases would I need them? is it worthed to have?

They doent seem very durable on first sight, has anyone tried them already?

In case you would use your

In case you would use your split on shorter downhill passages as ski you may use heel locker.

You can also learn telemark-style ;-)

Not really needed but sometimes...

Heels lockers are not really needed - with a little practice you will be able to manage short downhill passages on skins in ski mode without them.

Okay - sometimes they would be a nice to have feature - but for (only my example) one out of 20 tours.

Mike they are important :-)

It is absolutely necessary, when you are teaching your kids skiing with a splitboard. Rideing backwards in skimode without them is pretty hard. For touring, well if you have them, for a short downhill with skins  I think you would use them quite often, because the spark heel-lock works incredibly smooth and you just ski down more safely, As we know the Splitboarders often doesn`t ski so well.

Heel Lock is a cool "nice to have"


So not that crucial after all

I don't have issues with small downhill descents (I was skiing for 10 years in my youth)

I was thinking to use them more on flat areas, whithout the need to put on skins, so I dont boot pack, but they dont seem strong enough...

already had problems?

Hi Gunder, did you already have problems or did you here about broken Heel Lockers?

If yes, please let us know.


Hi Patrick,

Hi Patrick,

No, I havent tried them, but I've seen them in the shop and learned that they are designed to release (that is to bend) upon lager weight pressure. Looked fragile on a first glance

Leash does for me!

What I learned from the tours with my friends is that those splitboarders who skied in their youth won't have troubles with short (or even longer) downhills on skinns as long as their not to difficult. Those who neverd skied will have their troulbles even with the heels lockers.

For longer downhills a cheap an easy solution is a small Strap with a hook which you can hook into wome part of you highback. Just to provent you from falling forward when something is slowing you down.

Patrick - din't you build something like that??

found it



this works fine for me!

Leash is good

But if you teach skiing with the Splitboard, the leash should be out of steel, or at least beeing protected by a plastic cover (Schrumpfschlauch). If not the quite sharp holes of the bindings will cut it quickly.

For normal descents during touring, they work fine for me as well.


not happy

I have bought the heel lockers and tested them twice now on my magneto.

Problem: when traversing a slope without climbing assist the binding gets cought by the lockers. Not completely but really annoying...

I sell them now, anyone interested? :-)