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Problem: steep slopes problem - crampons/new boots?

Hi all,

I have another beginner problem. I cant climb steeper slopes (+/- 30 degrees) with wet snow. My friends with skies doesnt have the problem, but I slide down a lot (I have Spark Sabertooths, but they just dont seem to hold). What is the max slope doable with a split with crampons?

Showd I buy shoes (fitwell, deeluxe...) and crampones? It is realy frustrating to see skiers go up the slope while you struggle with no sussess.

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hi Gundar!

I guess you mean you have troubles when traversing steeper slopes?

It is a Fact that skiers have advantages in steeper or icy terrain with their stiffer equipment.

But to improve your personal abilities there is one major fact. You need training. Skiers who are doing their first tours struggle with thir technic in the same way.

Of course - a stiffer boot/binding combination makes it a bit easier. But mostly coosing a "better" line for you - instead of following the skiers track gives much more effort. Also I realized that sometimes it is better to keep your heel rizers/climbing bars down wich gives you more edge hold.

Here is a great artikle from where you mind find some additional hints!


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