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Splitboard rental in Innsbruck?

Hi folks,
i'll be on journey through Innsbruck mid of january and like to explore some of the routes mentioned here. The only problem, i can't take my splitboard and backcountry stuff with me since i'm going on to Asia later on. I made some inquires on the internet and found out that the most things needed can be rented in place, but i couldn't find any shop renting splitboards and skins, even backcounry skis are a bit difficult to find.. Does anybody know a store in or near Innsbruck, kuhtai is possible as well, were i can rent a splitboard?
Thanks in advance

Splitboard rental in Innsbruck?


i´m from innsbruck there´s one store called "die börse" (www.dieboerse.at) they sell splitboards and have a ski rental shop. but im not sure they also rent splitboards.
if not there´s an other option: in a store called "sport spezial" ( www.sport-spezial.at ) they rent the "climb ascent system"
( http://www.climb.co.at ). i tried that a few times its okay but you have to carry your board on the back... and in your case you also have to rent a board...

hope i could help you out,

greetings from innsbruck

Thank you for the information

Thank you for the information, i'll contact this shop. Carrying the board on my back is the case i'm trying to avoid ;-)

Splitboardverleih Innsbruck

Hi Anthony, you can try it at the snowboardbörse in Innsbruck near the Triumpfpforte, you will see their outlet on the first view on the left hand. At the oposite side you enter the small road and you get to the shop with rental possibilities. Also called diebörse as described by General G. check out the link.  Last year they had some splitboards to rent as far as I am informed. If not just drop us a line by mail and we can organise something for you.

Thanks General G for the Info.

Chears your team of splitboarding.eu

Thanks again.

Thanks again.

I have been to die börse

I have been to die börse about a month ago. Back then they said that they don't have any splitboards for rent and maybe (only maybe) there will be some after new year.

try out "die Börse" in

try out "die Börse" in Innsbruck. It´s near the Triumpfbogen. They will have splitboards for rent in 2013