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Interactive Online Maps for the European Alps

When planning a splitboard tour you will certainly not rely on Google/Bing map products alone. Hardcopy maps are great during touring but for tour selection not everyone has the right map at home. Since I’m dealing a lot with maps in my professional life I want to provide a small survey about online map material I found and regularly use. Please add other products that you find useful (e.g. for the French or Swiss Alps).

Regarding terrain heights and contour lines: Be aware that most online map products use elevation data that is generated from the NASA SRTM mission. This digital elevation model has global coverage but only a limited resolution of ~90m and a vertical error of less than 16m. Thus smaller saddles and terrain features are missing. The raw data contains a lot of voids in mountainous regions that account for additional errors due to re-interpolation.



Map1.eu is a great resource for tour planning. It contains most peaks, chair lifts, and provides contour lines. Unfortunately a scale is missing but on highest zoom level on grid equals 1000m.

Map Coverage: Entire Alps.

Resolution: 90m.



Outdooractive / Alpenvereinaktiv

The Austrian and German Alpenverein launched a new online portal for tour selection. The map is really great since it can display slope gradients above 30°/35°/40° degrees. The map interface is provided by Outdooractive.

Coverage: Entire Alps

Resolution: 90m for terrain, slope gradients might be derrived from a 30m dataset.




ZillertalArena Maps

The Zillertal Arena provides a map viewer with great relief shading and high resolution elevation data that goes way beyond the usual 90m SRTM data. Additionally you can enable high quality orthophotos to explore small-scale features.

Map coverage: Tyrol for relief, Zillertal only for topographic layer.

Resolution: 10m.




Snowhow Maps provides a map viewer that can also display slope information and satellite imagery.

Map coverage: Entire Alps.

Resolution: 10m for Tyrol, South-Tyrol, Vorarlberg, other areas 30m.




The province of Tyrol provides an own map viewer called tirisMaps. The interface is not very user-friendly but they provide the most labels for POIs and terrain features. It was useful because they were the first who provided slope gradients and better orthophotos than Google/Bing. These layers can now be found in the Outdooractive and Zillertal maps.

Map coverage: Tyrol only.

Resolution: 10m.



Since most of my touring partners as well as myself are members of the austrian alpenverein we are using the maps und online portal of alpenvereinaktiv.at. for planing our tours and the alpernvereinaktiv anddroid app for tracking our activities!

Really cool to know some other great map sources - thanks ikka!

Alpenverein and SAC

Cool article,

thanks, I am using the AV Maps Offline, and the SAC Maps Online, when I am in Switzerland.

Yea it is great to know some more Apps. But I would never rely only on online stuff when I am touring. A classical "paper" map is always good to carry.



The Zillertal maps are very cool..... never heard of them.