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Looking for splitboarding-crew in northern Italy (Milano)

Hey boys, girls and splitboarding lovers, my name is Elias, a 31 years old Austrian living since september in Milan.
I´m looking for splitboarding-partners who wants to discover the Italian, French and Swiss Alps with me.
I have 20 years experience with Snowboarding and started last season with splitbarding.
Safety first! I´m fully equipped, know my gears and limits.
I have a car and want to spent as much time as possible in the backcountry!
If you´re interested, let´s meet for drink and talk about the possibilities...
Looking forward to shred some pow with you,

Hi Elias. Great to see this

Hi Elias. Great to see this post. I’m a 32 year-old American living in Milan for about 6 months. I’ve been splitboarding for a few years, and this year I’m doing a course with the CAI (Club Alpino Italiano), so I’ve been out with them a lot. But it’s be great to head out with a like-minded snowboarder.
Hit me up and we can discuss :)

Hi all

Hi. Im 32 year-old Russian and i will come in Milan at New year. I want take my splitboard and riding in Alps. I have expirience riding in a High mountains, all safety parts. This is my first time in mountain of Italy. I dont have a plan of extrime riding in my opinian it will be easy trip just for fun and looking information about location on future. If you have free time we can ride together. I will rent a car and go from Milan to Madonna Di Campiglio.


Sure man, sounds good!

Hey hey

Hey guys, I’m 41 and in Germany (I’m American) about 4-5 hours north of the Swiss Alps. I’ve been snowboarding for about a dozen years and splitboarding for the last three. I’ve gone out touring with skiers as there’s very few splitboarders around here so looking to join up with people of my own species lol. I have all my avy gear and know how to use it, know my limits and risk tolerance, and I’ve taken the AIARE level 1 course. Love to meet up and tour!