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Soft Splitboard Boots? Jones MTB, Burton Tourist, other help needed

I no longer resort ride. All my days are spent skiining with a nice descent.
I'm currently touring in DC T. Rice 2016 model Size 11.5. I have weird feet. Not sure what or why my feet are so strange. I find myself messing with BOA systems more than my best fitting pair of Burton SLX 2013 model. Those SLX lasted 1 season though and to be told "wear and tear" none returnable from Burton HQ turned me off badly.
So my question is what pair of backcountry splitboard boots would you recommend?
I'm on a Jones Carbon Solution 165W. Brand new
Spark R&D Surge bindings
I'm in Colorado so big ole mountains.

I'm leaning towards the 32 Jones but I'm 6'4" 220 lbs/100 kg. I've heard they are short on the calves.
I don't see Deeluxe XV doing well off the board on a steep chute. But have never owned a pair.

SoftBoots for Splitboarding

Hi Medic05,

This is a tough question. I personally like the deeluxe XVE but they are pretty soft this year.
If you like it hard go for the Fitwell, K2 or Northwave. You have to try. Unfortunately I cannot recommend anything because the boots have to fit your feet.
If you can keep on describing a little bit what you are searching for I could try to give you an advice.

Bast Patrick