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Entry level splitboard set - Nitro Nomad vs Volkl Xsight

Hi guys,

I just decided to try splitboarding and I wanna buy entry level split . I found pretty good deals on Nitro Nomad and Volkl Xsight, but there' re not neither tests nor reviews on the internet. Maybe some of you have any experience with those splits? Since there's not always much powder around the place i live, i'd rather choose all mountain / freeride board than one just for powder days.

I have the same issue with bindings. I consider buying Union expedition or Volkl Splitec. Can't find any opinions about them neither.

I'd be very thankful if someone will share opinions or just help with a choice.

Have considered Stompede yet?

Have considered Stompede yet?

You won‘t find more bang for the buck anywhere else.

Union seems to struggle with play in the ride mode. Weight isn‘t impressive either.

Völkl: heavier than most others.

I‘d rather go for a used Spark or a Voile lightrails if you are looking for a low price.
Otherwise choose any new Spark.

Hey dude, I have a Völkl

Hey dude, I have a Völkl setup, so I can shed some light on that. They actually stopped producing snowboards last year, so anything you will find should be heavily discounted, but will also be limited sizing and older tech.

I have an untrac boards, which I’ve been pleasantly surprised by. Finishing is great, is holding up ok despite some abuse. I don’t love the volkl clips and hooks. However I’ve had no issues with the voile puck system.

Splitech bindings. I have the 15/16 version, and they are pretty basic- no micro adjustments on mine. They seem to be the upper of their regular binding welded pretty unlovingly to the voile slider plate, so yea, maybe not the sleekest or lightest binding. However I really like the fastec system, really easy to get in and out, which makes taking the back foot out to skate a bit on a traverse easier.

I’d say go with volkl only in the situation of a massive deal, and don’t compromise on board size to get it ( E.g., getting a much larger or smaller board that is optimal )

Happy skinning/shredding!