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splitboarding and guiding?

Hi guys,

i am a young italian splitboarder from the North-East of my country (friuli, if anyone knows the region:)

I have always wanted to become a mountaingguide, especially after discovering splitboarding some years ago.

Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to enter the back-country skiing exams (to become a guide here) with my splitboard, so i was wondering if in austria or switzerland it is possible to become a guide without having to switch to skis.
I wouldn't mind moving to these countries if that is the case, language is not a problem for me:)

if anyone can help me out, i would appreciate it a lot (and of course i could take you out somewhere if you're in my area)

thank you again

Snowboard Guide

You can check this. It is about the Austrian Snowboard System. http://www.snowhow.dk/page12/files/en_instructor-courses.pdf

As Snowboard Guide you can guide with your splitboard as well.