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New Splitboard Stuff ISPO 2014-15

Some Karakoram News, there will be a new System, more infos and pics will come after the ISPO in our Journal, stay tuned.

Karakoram is stoked to Introduce the PRIME SYSTEM - Splitboarding Responsiveness and Efficiency you've only dreamed of. The Prime System is a statement of our brand philosophy to never stop improving. Building on the strengths of our Active Joining Technology utilized in the Split30, The Prime System takes solid board feel to another level with the SolidRide platform which combines 4 wide preloaded contacts that allow for direct power transfer to your edges while eliminating seam movement for the ultimate in solid board feel and performance. We have also created Power Link which is an ergonomic activation lever that allows for the ease of getting into ride mode and heel lock down.

Karakoram Prime System

The improvements do not stop there, we have added Tour Step, an amazing new feature that allows you to step into tour or ride mode with your binding fastened to your boot, both of these new features will significantly cut down your transition and change over times as we know you want to get to pointing that line and schralping that pow! Just when you thought it could not get any better we have also improved out the climbing system through our new FlipSpeed Risers with Lockdown - no more fumbling with your pole hanldes trying to engage those pesky climbing wires, this system simply allows the user to engage 2 heights of heel risers with their pole baskets alone, again cutting down time and improving efficiency. Last but not least we have developed the ultimate in convenience and maximizing your bindings, we have developed the Quiver Connector, the ultimate accessory that allows you to take your Prime System Splitboard bindings and mount them on your solid board. Ease of use, lightweight and better than standard binding energy transfer paired with Karakoram Performance.

We will be unveiling the new Prime system at the ISPO and SIA Tradeshows January 2014, for an exclusive look at the new system feel free to stop and visit the us at the Jones Snowboards booth at ISPO or at the Karakoram Booth at the SIA.

About Karakoram
Founded in 2008 by Tyler and Bryce Kloster through a desire to combine their careers and follow their passion for the mountains, Karakoram is now a global leader through splitboard and backcountry product innovation. The brand is sold at leading retailers and is distributed to over 20 countries through out the world. Karakoram is nestled in the Cascade Mountains, one of the best proving grounds for developing and testing products in the world, and Karakoram is proud to be US made, with most components and parts being made within 50 miles of its Headquarters in Washington. Innovate. Ride. Explore.

Salomon Premiere Split official release

PORTLAND, OR (January 23, 2014) - Salomon is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new 4-part split board, The Premiere. The board pioneers and brings to market true innovation for the rider who demands mountaineering performance. In an adverse economic climate for the hardgoods industry, Salomon continues to invest in new technologies and products that pave the way for future snowboard innovation.
The Premiere features Tracklock-A 4-part split construction for faster, lighter, and more effective touring and climbing. Consisting of two parts that fit into your backpack, the design allows for narrower 90mm skis, meaning faster touring, and shaves 800 grams of weight for the most lightweight setup possible. Designed to be shorter and wider than your average splitboard, The Premiere is made for more control, maneuverability, and flotation in deep snow.

Salomon Split Premiere Dirksen Hiking

Salomon Snowboard Product Line Manager, Franck Juvin-Acker commented, "We overcame many challenges in order to make a 4-part splitboard that is easy and fast to assemble with a unique shape for versatile and fun riding. The Premiere has an improved freeride shape, and can handle anything the mountain throws at it. It gives a whole new meaning to backcountry snowboarding."
Designed with Josh Dirksen, The Premiere's revolutionary technology achieves close to ski touring efficiency while maintaining torsional stiffness and reducing the vertical movement experienced with a two-part split. An internal straight edge, external edge under foot, and a shorter and wider shape allow for stiffer skis, easier kick-turns, and more control while maneuvering steep terrain.

"Salomon came up with the idea to do something different, and that has always been the Salomon mentality- to challenge the status quo with new technology that makes snowboarding easier and more fun. The Premiere does that with its lightweight and unique design, it's very exciting!" - Josh Dirksen, Salomon team rider

The Premiere comes with custom pucks, the Voilé universal kit (hooks, clips, touring bracket, heel risers and sliders), custom fit skins and crampons for steep terrain exploration in the most effective and convenient setup possible. -MSRP - $1,299
The Premiere compliments Salomon's Split line for an assortment of products to earn your turns. Based on the shape of the Derby, the Split is designed to float through deep pow and comes stock with custom skins for maximizing touring efficiencies, and for an additional $149, Voilé Fast Clips for easy and secure switching between touring and riding mode.
-MSRP - $799


Looks cool, binding incompatible

I saw this board a few days ago and I love the idea. Currently I own a Jeremy Jones Carbon Solution 161 with Karakoram binding. I love the Jones board, but I experience many disadvantage skinning compare to tour skiers. The wider ski's do have some disadvantage. This seems as a really good solution to have smaller skie's. But for me owning a pare of Karakoram bindings, which seems the best in my findings I fear the binding set=up in this board can never get to the lever of the Karakoram set-up on a two way split. Anyone who has some ideas about that?


Venture Shape Shack

Venture Shape Shack, Silverton, Colo. – January 30, 2014 –Venture’s Shape Shack Division releases the pinnacle board in powsurfing: Johan Olofsson’s Snowy Owl Splitsurfer. Olofsson’s limited edition, one-of-a-kind snowboard is handcrafted in Silverton, Colo. by snowboarders. The splitsurfer features the amazing artwork of Shanna Duncan, who has collaborated with Venture on multiple Shape Shack projects. The Snowy Owl is now available through select Venture dealers and Venture’s online store at www.venturesnowboards.com.

Venture Shape Shack

The Snowy Owl swoops down powder lines like a bird hunting its prey. A third-generation splitsurfer with reverse sidecut, a 33 cm waist, “bat wing” tail, and generous helping of straight-line rocker, the Owl is the ideal deck for powsurfers looking to expand their reach deeper into the backcountry. This board has no edges, and there are inserts for touring brackets only.  The insert pattern is also flipped for greater ease while skinning.  According to Olofsson, “The Owl was made for quick and shuffling turns, especially in the trees. Compared to the Euphoria it is more in the groove with fatter riding, longer arcing turns and has a solid grip from its fishtail. I would [describe] this board as more ‘tree jazzy’ than the Euphoria, which is slightly ‘alpine metal.’”

    •    Colorado Core
    •    Seamless Split Technology
    •    Straight-Line Rocker
    •    Sintered P-Tex Sidewall & Base
    •    Edgeless
    •    Touring Bracket Inserts Only

    •    Length: 156 cm
    •    Width: 33 cm
    •    MSRP: $895 USD

Each Shape Shack project is also emblazoned with the creative vision of a guest artist. For the Snowy Owl, Venture commissioned original work from Washington State artist Shanna Duncan. Duncan is a revered artist in many circles for her work with the likes of The Levitation Project, Queensryche and Fender Guitars. “If anyone is familiar with my work, it can get pretty dark, garish and downright gruesome,” says Duncan. “This owl takes a pretty different approach. I appreciate the beauty and movement of this bird.” But Duncan also appreciates the bridge that art can build between the artist and the end user. “When I do the graphics for a board, the best thing about it is knowing that that piece of work is going to go on an adventure with someone, somewhere really special.  That same train of thought applies to this owl…he'll be spreading his wings on some mountain with someone who really loves being in his or her own element.  I feel like that ties me to that moment in a way…and as an artist, it makes you even prouder of the work you created.”  


The Shape Shack is Venture’s experimental division, charged with creating new and innovative board shapes. Each project has a guest shaper and a guest artist, who work together to create a unique, limited edition design. “You never know where a good idea is going to come from, so inviting new perspectives into the mix is a great way to spark the creative process,” says Klemens Branner, Venture’s owner and engineer. “Taking a new Shape Shack design from concept to reality brings our whole team together. And because we own our own factory we can produce pretty much anything that we can dream up, and then walk out the front door and ride it in some of the most badass mountains in the Lower 48.  It's an ideal setup for experimentation without boundaries.” For Olofsson, the appeal lies in helping create new shapes that may be a departure from the norm. “The powsurfing aspect that I´ve been working on is a blast, and having the ability to work on a few new rides every year apart from traditionally shaped snowboards is awesome.”


Founded in 1999 by the husband and wife team of Klemens and Lisa Branner, Venture handcrafts premium quality snowboards and splitboards in Silverton, Colorado, in the shadow of the mighty San Juan Mountains.

Voile Revelator

The new Voile Revelator BC splitboard is packed with new innovations. A built-in traction pattern base for uphill climbing. Setup your stance faster and easier with the new Voile Channel Puck system. A board shape, flex, camber profile, and lightweight are all designed to maximize your backcountry riding experience with the Revelator BC.

Voile Relevator


The new Voile Revelator BC is a unique backcountry splitboard packed with new innovations.

First we added a traction pattern to the base for uphill climbing. It's doesn't replace your skins, but shines on long low angle approaches, ridge crossings, short yoyo turns, and makes your transitions faster when you hit a flat runout.

Setup of your stance width and angles just got easier and faster with Voile's new Channel Puck System. Using the Voile Alignment Guide, loosen the screws and move the pucks right where you want them quickly and easily.

Finally the board shape, flex, camber/early rise profile, and lightweight are all designed to maximize your backcountry riding experience. Using a lightweight Paulownia wood core we have reduced weight without compromise in strength and performance. Using carbon glass and adding a slightly longer camber area, the board skins more efficiently and doesn't wheelie when you are up to speed. Top it off with an early rise nose and tapered tail to make powder riding effortless.

159cm: part# 1640-159-1415, UPC
162cm: part# 1640-162-1415, UPC
165cm: part# 1640-165-1415, UPC
169cm: part# 1640-169-1415, UPC

karakoram 14-15

Konnte die neue karakoram auf der ispo beäugen und bin positiv überrascht

Das neue System macht echt was her, ist leichtgängig und leicht verständlich. Die Bindung wird durch Betätigung des orangen Bügels, den man auf dem Bild sieht, geschlossen und ist damit am Board fixiert. Die einrastenden "Zapfen" sind nicht mehr so massiv wie beim Vorjahresmodell, was aber nicht weniger stabil wirkt. Kraft-und Nervenaufwand sind um ein Vielfaches gemindert - eine eindeutige Steigerung zum Vorjahres Modell!

Was die Funktion, in der Bindung zu bleiben während dem Umbau auf Fahrtmodus, betrifft, frag ich mich, ob diese Sinn macht. Denn wenn man mit der Bindung im Schnee rumgeht, hat man meist anschließend Probleme bei der Montage, weil sich der Schnee dann in der Bindung "feststapft".
Die neuen Steighilfen sehen stabil aus, auch die Bindung auf das "Pistenbrett" mitzunehmen, klingt verlockend.

Der erste Blick auf die neue karakoram hat einen positiven Eindruck hinterlassen und ich freu mich schon sie nächstes Jahr zu testen, vielleicht am nächsten split&relax!?

Fuß in der Bindung lassen

Den Fuß / Boot in der Bindung lassen geht eigentlich auch bei der klassischen Voile Bindung ganz gut.
Ich mach das manchmal wenn wir kurze Gegenanstiege gehen und oft auf/abfellen müssen.
Mit ein bischen Übung klappt das ganz gut. Obs wirklich Zeit Spart? Kommt auf die Bindung an - bei der neuen SP mit Heckeinstieg sicher nicht!