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Hi all,

I am living in Milan and go out splitboarding for 2 years in the local Alps. I am member of the local Alpine club, and did also a base course in Snowboard Alpinism. I am offered a job in Munich, but before I decide I would like to know if there is a similar type of society? I would like to do an advanced course (on gletchers, camping etc.).

Is there also a developed society whit people I can go out on tours for weekend/day/longer tours?

Thank you :)

yes there are

Hi Gundar,

in our region are several activ splitboarders, and some courses offered as well.

By the way splitboarding.eu is based in München and Innsbruck.

If you come you are welcome.

Cheers Patrick


Thanks Patrick sounds great!

I will see what are my options, probably will postpone till the next year, but finally I will arrive at Munchen.

Where do you guys tour most often?

Splitboarding around Munich

Hi Gundar,

I realise that this is quite an old post, but I too am a splitboarder who has recently moved to Munchen, so am looking for some people to go touring with. Let me know if you're about and would like to organise a day tour soon!

Rich (eayzrb@hotmail.co.uk)