Choice Split and Freeride Camps

Just before the second dump and 2 weeks before the first Camp, we want to recommend the Choice Split & Freeride Camps.

As you might know we had been at the very first Split & Freeride Camp(völkl in those times) and it was a blast. You can participate at 5 weekends, limited attendees, different brands to test as well as  cabin-fun and powow is guaranteed ;-)


Our Events

Splitboard testing & riding together at Split&Relax and Spring Fest.

Partner Camps

Splitboard camps and testivals of our media partners.


Stories and pictures of past splitboard Events.


Here you can win great splitboard stuff. Take part!
Freeride Expedition to Kazakhstan
08 January | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

If you draw a line on a world map between Kitzbühel in Austria and Niseko in Japan then Kazakhstan biggest city is located right in the middle. Almaty has a rich history of mountaineering and alpine skiing. Sebastian from was exploring the Tian Shan Mountains in the Ile-Alatau National Park near Almaty last spring. Here is his report.

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Splitboard Camp with Ueli Kestenholz
03 January | Campaign / Event

A very special Splitboard Camp with Ueli Kestenholz, multi athlete and former Olympic participant in Switzerland 2017 February 8th until 12th!


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Splitboarding Sketch
31 December | Campaign / Event

Everyone can join, pen into your hand and off you go! Draw, paint, write or sketch what splitboarding means for you and get 1500 WinterGames Bonus points plus a shirt with your winning motif.

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31 December | Campaign / Event

Great prizes worth over 1000 Euros are waiting for their winners, including two high-end splitboard bindings from Plum and Spark R&D and loads of other useful things.
All interactions on, a good comment, a smart question, an experience report or the various bonusgames boost your chances of winning. Log in and off you go!

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Split & Relax 2016 - The Recap
20 December | Campaign / Event, News

Melancholically we look back to the SPLIT & RELAX #4! Compared to the previous years, 2016 again was an outstanding event, regarding the opinion of our guests and partners. Every day on the mountains is a good day - thanks to everybody who was part of it!

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Carpathian Splitboard Experience
08 December | Campaign / Event

Discover some of the splitboard hiking trails in the Romanian Carpathian mountains together with specialized mountain guides. Having peaks with altitudes over 2500 m, these mountains will give you complete satisfaction. From the steepest valleys to the deepest forests, the Carpathians offer a full range of landscapes even to the most skeptical rider. Join the winter session from 19th to 25th of February 2017.

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Splitboard Expedition at the Arctic Circle
06 October | Splitboard Story, Campaign / Event

Have you ever dreamt about riding in terrain, where you leave civilization completely behind you? Waking up every morning in a warm cabin with nothing but snow covered mountains around? Being surrounded by surreal glacial views? That is exactly what you find at the Highlands of Iceland. 

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Split & Relax 2016 Splitboard Test
16 September | Campaign / Event

As already announced, every day on the mountain is a good day. That's why SPLIT & RELAX goes into the fourth round. From 16th until 18th of December everything is about Splitboarding at the LIVINGROOM HOCHKÖNIG. Shortly before christmas the new splitboard equipment is ready for you. This time with a multimedia presentation "Splitboard-Freeriding from Kyrgyztan to Tadzhikistan".

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Unique Splitboarding Adventure in Kyrgyzstan Feb. 2017
18 August | Campaign / Event

The Tianshan Mountains in Kyrgyzstan provide a stunning backdrop to an exceptional splitboard freeride adventure with the Bootsjungen Chris Fuschlberger and Hans Fleckl. All information and registration here...

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